The House A novel

Martin Sack is a writer who moves into a house in Mississippi with his wife Essie. When their daughter, Tracey, and her friends, stay there for the night, as her parents head to Louisiana for the weekend, they face Craig Sheppard, a criminal who was in jail for over a decade, who is seeking revenge.


1. The House-Mississippi, Saturday, March 12, 2018


Craig Sheppard, thirty, gripped the sharp knife in his right hand. He had felt the icy coldness of the fifty degree weather; he felt his heart beating faster and faster. He had remembered the first time he attacked a family in their Louisiana house; he had vanished like a ghost afterwards. It was fifteen year's ago. By two thousand and five, he went underground in case the homicide police officers would arrest him for murder. He had driven to Mississippi by car because it was cheaper than by plane. Once he was in the city, he had planned his next move before more people died.


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