Harry Styles (aka Blade) has been living in the gangster lifestyle since he was 16 years old and since then he's always been known as a dangerous person. He also knows how to kill along with hunting his enemies whenever they cross the line with him. At age 18 he became the youngest gangster to own a gang, which he is still managing. Now that he's 21 he's living the life with tons of money, women, and power. Alessandra "Alessa" Ricci is the 17-year-old daughter of the famous Italian-American mafia king. Even though she lives in a household where she's given a spoiled upbringing by her father, she still has some strict rules to follow to protect herself along with her father's gang. But on the night when Harry comes into her world, her life is immediately put at risk along with his. Both of them are living dangerous lives and being together would just cause a lot of controversy. Will they love each other so they can save themselves or will one of them take the fault?


1. Prologue




A/N: Hiii! This is my first actual story that isn't from 2012, it's new so I really hope you take the time to read this! As you can see, I'm bad at writing prologues but still I hope this was interesting. I tried my best lol. If you liked this, please feel free to review, vote, and also save it into your libraries. It would really be appreciated. I plan on writing this story while I write the sequel to my fanfiction "Forever and Always" but I'm not 100% sure yet. So anyways...again I hope you all enjoy this. 


Two gangs; The Vipers and La Famiglia Ricci (translated to The Ricci Family in Italian) are family gangs that have been together for centuries. They're also known to have been enemies for years, but no one knows when their rivalry actually started or why. The two groups have just been fighting for years and no one can seem to put an end to it.


At the age of 18, Harry Styles (AKA Blade), became the new leader of one of the most dangerous gangs called The Vipers, after his father, who was originally the leader and founder of the gang, was murdered. Harry is not only known to be the youngest person to take over a gang, he's also known to be a psychopath due to his mental illness and violent behavior. He got his nickname 'Blade' after he was suspected for murdering 3 women with a kitchen knife after having sexual encounters with them, but he was let go due to a lack of evidence. To this day, the police still think he had something to do with it. 


He also knows how to get away with most of the crimes he's committed. If the police question him, he's always let go. "You just have to know how to lie and hide the evidence," he would say every time someone asks him how he does it. He doesn't have tips or techniques he just "knows his shit".  The only crimes he didn't get away with was robbery and fencing when he was 14. 


Now at age 21, Harry is not only more dangerous than he's ever been, he's living the life with money, power, and women. He also knows how to kill and hunt for his enemies. If anyone even dares to mess with him, they immediately become his victim and he won't stop until their blood is in his hands. But on the night he finds Alessandra, the daughter of one of his enemies, he ends up changing his plans. 


Alessandra, aka Alessa, is the youngest daughter of the famous and richest mafia king Joseph "Machine Gun" Ricci who manages his Italian-American family gang La Famiglia Ricci (translates to The Ricci Family in English). In his gang, everyone part of it is known as "family". Guys are called "fratelli" (brothers) and women are called "sorelle" (sisters). Ever since Alessa was born, her father has been planning to train her to be a "sorella" in the "family" once she turns 18 because he feels like she'd be "mature" enough to become a part of the business. 


As "Daddy's little girl" she not only lives in a home where she's always been given a spoiled upbringing by her father she lives in a strict household where she has rules to follow. She has a curfew, has to lie to people that her father is an FBI agent to hide the fact that he's a criminal, and almost every person, especially boys, she brings home has to always be tested by her father to make sure they're not a threat. 


She even has to deal with her father and older brother treating her like a child since she's the "baby". In the house, she's known to be an innocent, naive teenager but in reality, she's a badass. Even though she's living a risky life style, she's never afraid to try to be a normal teenager. But everything goes downhill for her when she comes across Harry at a wild college party. Even though he knows who Alessa is along with her father, he still takes her and holds her hostage in his home that he shares with his gang called The Vipers. Soon after, she feels different about him that no one will understand.


She also knows that he's the enemy and he could kill her in a heartbeat but after that night, she still begins to develop feelings that she isn't supposed to be feeling for him which immediately causes a lot of controversy between her father and the "family". Both them are living dangerous lives and being together is a huge risk for them. Will Alessa and Harry love one another so they can save themselves or will one of them take the fault? 




Harry Styles as Himself/Blade


Cara Delevingne as Alessandra "Alessa" Ricci


Taylor Lautner as Joseph "Joey" Ricci Jr. 


Sylvester Stallone as Joseph "Machine Gun" Ricci 


Sofia Black D'Elia as Natalia Milano


Noah Centineo as Dallas Braxton


Mark Wahlberg as Jeremy Bennett


Avan Jogia as Spencer DiMaggio


Christian Serratos as Raven Garcia


Lucas Till as Tristan 



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