The Bunker Secrets

Lilith Parker and Natasha Carter looks for secret places to hide in school; mostly for fun. However, they are shocked to see a secret bunker but excited to see its secrets.
Warning: Expletives (swear words) are included. Probably a lot of them.


3. Natasha's Homework

School's been okay..... I suppose. It has not been great tho. The whole place was a chaos. I have tried to connect with everyone which made Natasha think that I was trying too hard. Well, at least she found it funny.

My home-life has been interesting. My mother tried to give me tips on school and Boys yesterday after school. I, on the other hand, was staring at her with a blank face. What? My father was still the same. With his stern look and posture, he stroked a conversation with me at dinner table. My mother gave out a sarcastic laugh and joined in. I just ate my pasta and drank my milk. Yes, I like milk and anyone with lactose intolerant who hates me for it can fuck me raw.

Like I said, awkward dinner. My father is totally embarrassing, useless and awkward. Only money can make him useful to be honest.

Anyways, I have been thinking. Thinking while eating, playing video games, doing my 'homework', showering, practising my hacking skills, about something. Natasha's homework.

After that whole awkward dinner, she texted me. Yes, we exchanged number and I can see the potential that me and her may have a chance to grow and blossom a beautiful friendship due to our strong bond formation as soon as we met. Basically, she sounds like a nice person and a friend. So, my bet is on her.

Back on the texting, she sent me this online poll thingy where I had to vote for her homework. To simply explain, she is trying to write this BOMB essay on something historical. So, she picked a few options to write an essay on. You know, crimes and elizabethan shit. However, the one that I voted for was her essay on the bunker. The bunker she told me about yesterday at school. At the end of the day, the essay on the bunker got the most votes. Yay!

Natasha: Shut up.
Me: No seriously, the bunker is more interesting than some elizebethan crimes and shit. What are you even gonna write about?
Natasha: Why do you even care?
Me: Well....because.... i want to know more about the bunker. That is all.
Natasha: Yeah, whatever. This phone call is pointless 
Me: Bitch Imma forcefully take your nerdy glasses out and stomp on it if you dont write about the bunker. 
Natasha: Oh.....
Me: Sorry. 
*Awkward silence*
Natasha: Fine.
Me: I don't get it? The Bunker got the most vote anyway. 
Natasha: Yeah. Cool.

Well, she was happy about it.

~Next Day~

'So, the homework?' I asked Natasha.

'Will you stop talking about it?' She rolled her eyes which made me roll my eyes.

'Cool. I will. Bye!' I packed my lunch box in my bag and started to get up from my hard and plastic chair.

To my surprise, Natasha grabbed my wrist and grimly asked, 'Where are you going!'

I tried to think of a way to answer nicely but couldn't find any.

'Well, since you're in a pissy mood, I am going to take my mischievous self and heart away from your nerdy and annoying ass. To find the bunker myself.'

The tightened fist around me loosened and I took a chance by shaking it completely off and released my wrist.

'By the way, you can write whatever essay you want. I won't bother you anymore.'

I quickly walked off the crowded canteen and continued to walk in rage but extreme curiosity.

Not knowing where to go now, I ended up sitting on a ping pong table at the huge field in my school. I turned my head around at every direction suspiciously and slowly checked the perimeter. No teacher was in sight, so I brought out my phone.

I had mobile data but I was too excited to use the Wi-Fi. Don't blame me. I love Wi-Fi, especially the free ones.

However, it's obviously not as easy as I thought it would be. I needed a password. Judging by the security protocols and the school's stick-up-in-the-ass characteristics, no one can break into this shit. I smirked at the possibility of using my hacking skills in to break this protocol. What can I say? I am addicted to my immense illegal skills.

I was running the router's SSID through a CommView for Wi-Fi app which then will be processed using Aircrack-ng Gui. Tough process, innit! But I was used to it. As always!

'Ms. Parker,' Someone with a stern but soft voice gritted right behind my left shoulder.

I looked up from my phone and looked at the vast field, still facing away from the voice and silently mouthed a 'SHIT'

I slowly turned my head around to see who it was with round eyes and shook my head in confusion once I did.

'Sarah?' I whispered.

'' Sarah cracked up and threw her right arm on her belly and lowered her head down. She continued laughing.

'It is NOT funny' I groaned.

'Sorry, saw a chance and I took it. Your face tho. Worth the scare.'

After a few seconds of me pouting and Sarah slowly calming down, we continued to have a general chat.

'So, the bad and the new girl. Whatcha doing?' Sarah asked in a mischievous tone.

'Nothing, really.' I glanced at my phone.

'You looked like you were doing something preTTy serious' She continued to grill me.

'I was going to look for something.' I replied in a dismissal tone and put my phone back into my blazer pocket.

'Well, I can show you something much more interesting.' We both looked at each other and she wiggled her eyebrows.

I frowned at her. 'Really?'

She nodded but then lowered her voice, 'But promise me you won't tell anyone.....'

She stood her pinky finger up in the air. 'Oukay....' After wrapping her pinky finger with my pinky finger, Sarah went back to her usual cheery self.

By the way, Sarah is one of the girl that I met through online a year ago. She was into videogames like me although I was more into hacking. By the way, we both joined this forum where weird people posted weird,occulty and geeky shits and got introduced to each other through the mass users on there.

We shortly after became good online friends and continued to be for the whole year. When I told her I was coming into this school, she practically may have virtually hugged me and jumped on me. So, yeah. Now we were the online friends who met IRL.

Both me and Sarah stood up and I followed her to wherever she was taking me.

'So, I knew that I was taking big risk but since you love a little mystery in the air, I decided to show this.' Sarah continued.

'Show me what?' I asked.

'Shush.' Sarah hastily replied.

We both went quiet. I followed her with growing suspension and confusion. I knew this was going to be some serious shit when we went to the Not Allowed Zone.

So, basically at the edge of the field, we have this area where the students and the staff aren't allowed in to enter. Apparently, it's because they have foxes and snakes in there. I know there are foxes but snakes.....yeah....I was in doubt. 

We crossed over the wooden fence through the small unlocked gate. So much for security. Anyone could get in there.

'Wow!' I looked around in disgust. The area was quite dark as the large trees loomed over the ground. There were medium-sized plants and trees everywhere. It smelt like fresh leaves but there was a little tincture of the smell of rotten leaves as well. The whole area was basically filled up with trees and my doubt of snake building habitats in here vanished into thin air. There are definitely venous and poisonous snakes in here.

'So....'  I hesitantly started off a conversation. 'I am confused.'

'Yeah. What do you see?'

Sarah continued to walk towards the bush.

'Really?'  I looked at Sarah blankly.

She gave me an impatient nod as I felt reluctant to reply.

'Okay....' I sighed. 'I can see trees, a big bush and.....I am getting a hint that I really should not be here.' 

Sarah walked a little bit more despite me standing at the middle of nowhere and refusing to walk with her. Her back was turned to me and I looked around with curiosity.

'Alright, what do you see now?' She shouted from wherever she was standing.

'Ughgh.....what the fuuuhhh........' I suddenly stopped. 'What's that?'

There was a slanted metallic door under a bunch of hanging tree leaves. It looked rusty and old and strong and sturdy. Sarah was sitting on the right side of the door. 

'Do you not want to know what this is?' She smirked.

'Natasha'a Homework!!!' I exclaimed.

My excitement and lack of coherent explanation made Sarah confused as she looked at me with furrowed eyebrows. 

'Excuse me....' She trailed off.

'Natasha. She was doing a homework on this bunker thing. I am guessing this is the entrance.' I explained.

'Natasha? Heh.' She looked at me with suspicion.

'What?' I asked.

'Nothing.' She shook her head sideways. 'Anyways, she is probably right. There is a bunker. I am guessing this is the entrance except....' Sarah stood up and grabbed the lock on the door. 'This needs a key.' 

'Where do we find it?' 

'We don't. You probably have it.' 

'Ummm......sorry to disappoint you but I don't think so.' I stepped away one-step backward.

'You are a hacker.' Sarah subtly pointed that out. She then proceeded to point her at me. 

'Okay....? But I am no good at opening locks.'

'Come here.' She ordered.

I walked right next to her, looming over the door.

'Can you see it?' 

I moved my head closer to the lock and I saw it.

'It looks like a USB port.' I obviously pointed that out. Then I realized......

'I have to use programmes to unlock it.' 

'Yeah....How can you do that?' 

'No idea. Looks like....' I held the heavy lock with some numerical combinations. 'I need number combinations. It's like a combination locks except I need to use my computer to find a programme that can find the exact combination of numerical values to open the door.' 


'Yeah. It's nearly impossible. I am not that highly skilled.' 


'Let's go back and I will go home and see if I can find anything.' I proposed. 

Me and Sarah both looked at each other and gave an 'I agree' look. 

After making sure to hide the door with the leaves and branches, we both started to walk back to our school.

'So, when did you find the door?' I asked.

'Last month actually. I wasn't going to tell anyone tho. Only if I could know how to open the lock. I thought I'd have to use number combinations which was hard work but not impossible. Last week, I found out that small USB port thingy under the lock and realized I can't do it. You were the only option left.'

'So, if you could open the lock, you would've never told me?' I attacked Sarah.

'Maybe not. But I knew you liked creepy and occulty stuff like this bunker doors. I did some research on it like your friend. Sorry but finders keepers. I wasn't just going to tell you or anyone that 'Hey, look what I found. A secret, magical door'' She air-quoted the last bit of the sentence.

'Cool.' I casually replied.

The rest of the walk was silent. I looked at my watch. We were three minutes left. 

'Bye.' I said to Sarah as we parted our ways.

'Bye, see ya.'  She waved and walked off towards her left as I turned right to my Geography lesson.

I slowly opened the door with hesitation and luckily there were no teacher in there.

'You are late, newbie.' Jasminda pointed that out. 

I sighed. 'I know. Where's sir?' 

'No idea. Probably running late.' Zemilla shrugged as she informed me. 

'Lucky.' I mumbled.

What's up with this school and its teachers running late?

I sat at the back, my usual seat. Away from everyone. I looked at Natasha at the front and she was looking back at me with an apologetic face. I smiled at her. She bit her lips and then smiled back. Then she proceeded to write on her notebook as she looked forward.

It's gonna be a stressful week. 


Hey guys, just wanted to say, if anyone is reading this, Thanks for reading. Hope you are liking it but if you are liking it, please share it.

I don't usually care for readers or votes or views or comment. But I do spend my time writing these bullshit of a story that I made up in my head. As much as I don't care about these stuff, I still want people to recognize this story and read it. Votes and comments are a different story.

Anyways, hope you like the characters Natasha and Lilith. I love them too much, just an FYI. Amazing, cute and mischievous ladies!!!!!

Anyways, Bye. Share my story if you want to. I would love to have more readers and have a great day!!! Another chapter is quickly coming up, Hopefully by next thursday.


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