The Bunker Secrets

Lilith Parker and Natasha Carter looks for secret places to hide in school; mostly for fun. However, they are shocked to see a secret bunker but excited to see its secrets.
Warning: Expletives (swear words) are included. Probably a lot of them.


4. Natasha's Homework Part 2

'Okay, everyone, do all your homeworks and the usual drills. Aaaaannnnddddd.....' My geography teacher elongated the last word.

We all started to shake our body slightly in anticipation. We all just wanted to leave this room.

'You.can.go. Have a good weekend, ladies.' Sir looked at his watch and gave us the permission to go.

We all brisk walked on our way out and I brought out my headphones when Natasha came running ,palming my left shoulder.

'Hey.' I said as I slowed down.

'Hi.' Natasha murmured. She continued. 'Sorry for what happened at lunch.'

I slowed down more and slightly dismissed her apology as I should be the one to actually apologize.

'I will accept your apology as long as you accept mine.' I retorted back.

Natasha gave me a blank look in return and confusion is clearly written on her face.

'What?' I defensively asked. 'I was extremely rude and clearly raging.'

'Yeah, you were. I DO accept your apology.'

'Well, so do'

~Four hours later~

After we both apologised to each other for our idiotic raging selves, well....mostly mine; me and Natasha walked to our homes. I went to her home as well, not inside her house though, just in front of the door.

After that, we both bid goodbye to each other and I started my journey to my way home. It was boring and excruciatingly painful.

Then, I took a hot shower as soon as I came home and ignored the prepared food on the table that was left for me. I was just not hungry. I went straight to my bedroom and started to look for a programme to find a way to get the number combination of the bunker.

It was a long process but with the help of some of my 'professional' internet friends, I managed to download a software which nearly took half an hour. I am a patient person but not that patient. So, I took the chance to heat up the food on the table and then ate the pasta whilst waiting for it to finish.

I was figuring the software about when my iphone blared out the ring-tone which nearly made me jump. I accepted the call as soon as I saw who the caller was.

Me: Sup?

Sarah: Alright.

Me: You don't usually call me. What's up?

Sarah: I saw the post. So, how is it going with your homework?

Me: Nowhere near somewhere. I am trying to figure out the software but I think I need to physically be around the lock.

Sarah: Oh.... So, are you getting Natasha anything?

Me: What?

Sarah: It's her birthday. Next week Monday. 

Me: Oh.....I didn't know that.

Sarah: Yeah. Well, I basically know everyone's birthday. I wonder why she hasn't told you. 

Me:, do me a favour, will ya?

Sarah: What favour?

Me: Don't tell her that I know her birthday.

Sarah: Why?

Me: Just do it. I will see ya later. Bye.

Sarah: Alright. Baaa.....

I hung up the phone and threw it somewhere on the phone. 

It took me nearly seven hours to run the programme in the computer and figure out its configuration. There are billions and billions of number combinations but how do I know which one to use? One way to find out is to actually take my laptop in school and put my USB port cable in. 

I downloaded every possible combinations the programme could figure out on the computer. 

Well, I am frigging tired. I put my laptop on the nightstand and turned the light off. I could hear faint noises of my parent's conversation downstairs and I ignored it. I shut my eyelids and went back to sleep full of dreams and plans.

~Next day~

'So, that's about it.......' Sarah frowned after I explained the programme and the fact that I am taking my laptop to school tomorrow. 

'Yeah. You okay?' I asked with concern. 'You're acting very weird.' 

'No, I am fine. It's just some family issues.' 

'Your dad calling your mom again?' 

'Something like that. He wants mom to give him money because apparently my mom owed him some. But I am going to make sure make sure she doesn't give him any penny 'cuz he was the one who left us homeless, on the street. My mom had to beg him to give us some money. He didn't. She had to.......' Sarah couldn't complete her sentence. 'Anyways, that's not the problem. He thinks looking after my worthless self makes him worthy of my mom's money. Try leaving a child and her helpless mother on the street for a month, then you will understand the f*cking hardship.' 

I didn't say a word. It was her moment to talk and rant and vent out. I just nodded whilst she continued.

'So, I called him up yesterday and guess what.........he won't f*cking listen. I gave him an ultimatum till Monday and if he won't back off, I will put the put the f*ucking police on the f*ucking idiot.'

I looked at her is shock. 'Are you sure you want to bring the laws on him? I mean once they latch on your ass, they never stop.' I asked.

'Well, whatever. He is some way abusing me. A sixteen years old child.' She gave me a sly smirk. 

I sighed and sat back on my chair whilst sipping on my hot ass coffee. 

'This is a fun Saturday.' Sarah sarcastically pointed the mood.

~On Monday~

I quickly walked past the gate. So, there is this gate at the end of our field and anyone can get in through here in the school. Mostly staff uses it and sometimes students can use it. If any of us have after-school intervention, we have to use this gate because the main gate closes half an hour after the last school bell rings. 

I was half an hour earlier than the time when the main gate opens at the morning. The gate opens at 7:30 am and students can then enter the school. Otherwise, they have to wait. However, I could use the field gate to get in early which is kind off illegal in here. Like I said, it was not allowed to student except certain circumstances. 

I brisk walked to the Not Allowed Zone and made sure no one saw me. It was dark anyway and no one comes to school at 7:00 am anyway. It's way too early in the morning to be coming to school.

I quickly opened my laptop and inserted my USB cable port in my laptop and then used the other end to connect to the lock. 

This feels so weird. 

I ran the programme with all the downloaded number combinations. The half of the screen went black and green, brightly coloured number started to pop up. These are vibrant against the black background. I kept shaking my legs and moving in my seat. The anticipation is nearly killing me. 

'Okay,' I whispered. 'Come on, come on, come on' I prayed to the lord. 

My heart nearly jumped out chest as the constantly changing numbers stopped changing. The combinations were 261120012112 and the numbers kept flickering a little. I nearly jumped when I heard a clunk.

It worked! It f*cking worked!

After that, I got up and with my shaking hands, I physically changed the combinations on the locker which matched with the programme. 

I heard another clunk noise seconds after and then it stopped. Everything stopped. 


Then I heard another clunk noise. A whole bunch of scary and unknown thumping noises followed the clunk noise. And then it stopped. The lock opened. 

My hands were shaking as I took it out and put it next to the laptop.

Oh gosh! The door was open. I can't wait to get inside.


Please, do read for some backgrounds and sh*t like that:

Author's Note:

Hey readers, 

Another chapter....excited for the bunker yet? Well...gotta wait. I will try to update as soon as possible. My easter holiday starts from tomorrow which means I will have more free time. However, I have got tuitions to go to and exams to revise for. So, we will see. But like I said I will try my best. 

Now, like I noted on the last chapter, please share this story and vote and comment if you can. Even if it's a critic and I am not actually best writer, so constructive criticism is allowed in here. Just don't hate on me or the story. Lol, I am pretending like I am gonna get comments anyway.

However, lemme just tell you something about the characters I made. 

So, to start from the beginning, I told you guys during from the beginning that this story is a supernatural fan fiction.  I am not sure if I want to include Sam and Dean in the story which will be too ambitious. However, the inspiration for the bunker actually came from Supernatural. There will be things linked to Supernatural later on the chapters. 

Lilith's character is actually based on mine in some ways. I live a sad life. I am not a hacker though, just an internet lover. I love the internet. I have no friends. I do have some but you know, not someone that I can share my soul with.

The school is based on mine and some of the teachers are based on my school's teachers as well. But I won't include too much of my life in this story. 

Natasha is someone that I completely imagined in my head. She is brunette and tall but not too tall. She is pretty and I love her. 

Lilith is like I said me. Black hair, lonely and hates her parents. I don't hate my parents, just not close with them. However, unlike me, she is pretty, not ugly. So, yeah.

So, I guess that's about it. 

Hope you are liking this story. And please, share, vote and comment if you want to. 

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