The Bunker Secrets

Lilith Parker and Natasha Carter looks for secret places to hide in school; mostly for fun. However, they are shocked to see a secret bunker but excited to see its secrets.
Warning: Expletives (swear words) are included. Probably a lot of them.


2. Natasha

Yesterday was exhausting. I mean school just makes me want to kill myself. I am not usually the type of girl to stress a lot. I get by. I don't stress. I don't revise. My grades aren't exactly the best in the class but I always passed.

But everything's changed. It's all about grades and the glory and the greed for money. I wish there was a way where I could go back in the old time and just stay there forever. They didn't have education or big businesses or greed for money all the time. Hygiene will be a slight problem but who cares. I know enough to get by life.

Anyways, no point in complaining. I hate life but the least I can do is actually go through it. I will do the bare minimum if I need to do. I will do my homeworks. I will do my exams and pass them. Lastly, my precious hacking scheme will always be a priority.

I packed my books and my tablet in my backpack. Tablets or laptops are probably not allowed but I want to hide someplace safe during lunch and use it to pass the time.

I went to the bus stop and waited for 422 bus. It took almost fifteen minutes and I lost all hope in humanity. I could've just bloody walked.

On the way to school was calm. My morning routine was never that interesting. I wake up and get ready in ten minutes. If I feel like it, I brush my hair or most of the time just leave it alone.

Anyways, no point in complaining. Three more days till the weekend.

I hopped off the bus with the other students. After buying a packet of cookies from the corner shop, I entered the school gate or should I say Hell?

I decided to go to the toilet and spend the morning there which I did.

After a while the bell goes off and time for my first period. I have science and this is my first time. I have only been a day and I missed the science class yesterday.

I entered my classroom that I was assigned by the timetable. Shock flooded through my brain as the room was empty. Am I early? Wow! This is a first.

However, when I fully went inside my classroom, there was a brunette on the left side at the corner on the room.

'Hi!' I politely greeted.

'Sup?' The girl casually replied.

Hold on. I know that voice. It's familiar....

'Do I know....?'

Before I continue, she turned her face to the left and met my eyes.

'Lilith!' Natasha chirped.

Natasha was the girl that I bumped into and knocked over as well. She is in some of my classes.

'Hey, Lilith. Are we early?' I hesitantly asked.

'Not really. The bell just went a minute ago. Don't worry. Our science teacher most of time at the morning comes in late. So some people just take their sweet time getting here.' She explained.

I nodded in response and sat down next to her. Lilith gave a me a look that was unreadable.

'Do you want me...'

Natasha cut in and replied 'Yes, sure...whateves' Slight hesitance was present in Lilith's voice.

'So what? You're the nerdy freak of the school...' I jokingly asked.

'Nah. This is school isn't that bad or harsh. I chose this life honestly.' She shrugged off her shoulder.

'Parents giving you hard time?'. I casually asked whilst getting my pencil case and planner out.

'Basically. How do you even know it's my parents?' She curiously gave me a look.

'I relate. Trust me. My parents have this business thing, in this laboratory. All the science and shit. I am not old enough to know yet. But they keep on telling to work hard and pick this subject and that. They have a lot of money and I guess they want the same thing for me I guess.' I explained.

'I actually love my parents. They never really wanted to but what can I say. Poverty is a bitch. I need to get myself a secure future. Also, call me nerd or socially awkward or whatever, I hate this school and people anyways.' She whispered.

'I actually like it here. The people are very.....interesting in here.....' 

'Yeah, how about that?' Natasha laughed as she continued to scribble on her notebook.

The conversation died down. The room went silent and I sighed quietly. Well, isn't this comfy?

Slowly as time passed by, the silent class started to become not-so-silent anymore. Once the whole classroom started to fill up, a jovial, young lady walked in.

I leaned down on Lilith's shoulder and quietly whispered, 'Who is she?' 

Lilith looked back up at my eyes and replied solemnly, 'She is the teacher, Ms. Jody.' 

I gave her 'Oh,alright' look as an acknowledgement of Ms.Jody.

With a ear-bleeding shout, Ms.Jody yelled at us to open our books which were handed out to us by other students.

'Thanks.' I genuinely smiled to the girl who gave me my new,freshly written exercise book. 

The girl nodded and moved on to a different table. 

Well, here ya go. 

*2 hours later* 

'So, did you enjoy your lessons?' Natasha casually asked as I munched on delicious cookies. Unfortunately, I had to break away from my heavenly snacking on the cookies and reply to my new friend (I guess).

'It was....meh...' I shrugged and focused back on my double chocolate chipped cookies.

'You want some alone time with your boyfriend?' Natasha laughed.


'So, did you know that the school was built on a bunker built in 1942?' Natasha casually shared a very important information.

'Really?' I looked at Natasha and asked her.

'Yeah. It was from the World War 2. Everyone knows that. But they closed it off long ago. Before you and I were even born.' 

'So, there is a bunker....' I cautiously asked her.

' know this could just be a rumor, right?' 

'Hmmm....but little curiosity gets the best of us.' I dismissed the topic.

Natasha continued to babble through her homeworks but I couldn't focus. Even the cookies couldn't distract me from the fact that there is a bunker from 1942 is underneath where I am sitting from. A FREAKING BUNKER!!



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