The Bunker Secrets

Lilith Parker and Natasha Carter looks for secret places to hide in school; mostly for fun. However, they are shocked to see a secret bunker but excited to see its secrets.
Warning: Expletives (swear words) are included. Probably a lot of them.


1. Back in school

Being in a new school ain't fun. This is the 4th time I moved schools and it's only January. 4 school transfers in three terms. How am I meant to get my grades if I can't even stay in the same school for at least for 3 months but again it's not like my parents care about my education anyway.

All they care about is money. I don't understand why but they keep working their business like robots. One time I asked them why and Mother bluntly replied with 'Taking care of the future honey'.

I personally didn't give a crap. I mean my education was going well and my hacking business was bomb af but then it started. My parents had to transfer their business places to places. It's annoying the crap out of me. 

I get a lot of money from my hacking deals but in order to do that I need to be a settled student with low-key good relationships with everyone. In my old school, bare people will come to me and beg for hacking into their boyfriend or girlfriend's phones to see if they're cheating. However, being a new student takes a lot of effort. I mean I wasn't exactly 'popular' in a way everyone worshipped me but once you show your talent off, people will start to brand you. My school was one of those cliché 'highschool' where we had the 'jocks' , 'barbies' , 'mean girls' and 'nerds'. I personally don't understand the point. Everyone's different. Anyways, I was that 'computer genius' in school.

The only problem is, I wasn't in highschool. I was basically in prison. All those rules were just too cringy to follow. What do you mean I can't eat lunch outside our canteen? What if I was hungry and I had to go to an intervention lessons? Are they going to starve me out?

Whatever, what's the point in being angry all the time anyway. I live my life to my best without my parents butting in. True I have no friends and having a nonchalant parents don't help my lonely self either but I got my laptop. I download programmes and learn more about programming and hacking. Although my parents are more eager for me to continue with their importing business but I am not into that shit. I will grow up and create new programmes and make new, cool shit. 

Back to the real world, I am back in my school uniform in the yard standing here like an idiotbag. To make my life worse, it's a freaking girls' school. Although, girls mean more drama which is good for my business. I just pray that there are good amount of lesbians in this school. In that case, more drama!! Not that I want to play with people's life or something but I need to improve my business. This is a start.

I looked around and stared into the buildings in utter confusion. Within a few seconds, someone from behind just knocked me out on the floor. 

'Oh my god, so sorry. Shit.' A raspy voice groaned out in pain. 

'It's fine. I was in the way anyway.' I replied politely. 

After a few seconds of fidgeting I finally see a face on top of me. A girl with a brunette hair with eye-bags underneath who smells really good. I mean real good. Her eyes were locked into mine with confusion and dazzle. 

'Wow. Girl you alright?' I laughed jokingly. 

'Nah! More like dying already.' She replied with a joke which actually sounded more serious.mention a user

'Yeah, you look a corpse to me.' I gave out a laugh but it sounded like I was forcing it.

'Who are you? Never seen you here before.' The brunette asked.

'Newbie. Confused. All that jazz.' 

'Oh! I'd love to help you out but I need to hand this coursework. Today was my deadline. Shit. I have five minutes left. Bye. See ya around. Hope you get to know around.' 

'Thanks. I...' Before I say anything, she ran forward around my left shoulder. Our shoulders slightly touched and I paused.

'Bye.' I whispered to myself. 

So, I am by myself again. 


It's been two hours and everyone's on break. I am on the school field, eating a burrito. I was really confused and some kind girl, Rachel, I think, showed me around. Although, she was in year 11. They tend to be quiet rude. 

I thanked her and went to Head of Houses office and met my house head. Miss. Soprano. Funny name. She gave me a map and a timetable. I am all set. 

I should be getting to work now. First mission: Meeting the drama queens. There's Jazminda. A black girl with weird weaves who believes she's on a holy mission by not wearing make-up. A white, blonde girl, Leyan, who walks around with a starbucks coffee cup like it's her cat. Nobody likes her because apparently she is racist. I actually sat next to her on first period and oh my god! She said things that made me want to vomit. I felt guilty for sitting next to her; so I moved on to a different desk and sat by myself. Trisha is the best. She is extremely lonely and depressed but this girl knows secrets that can be helpful. She can be a good asset to find clients. I also met the girl I bumped into. Turns out, she isn't into the whole friendship thing. She is into academic learning too deep that when her Health and Social Care teacher didn't accept her coursework; she stood up on her desk for a whole half an hour during her lunch. My spanish teacher had to pull her down. 

This is about it. I have got soooo much work to do.  

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