Why Don't We?

Park Jimin had been living with the other 6 boys for 3 years. Despite living together and treating each other like family, there's always one person he calls his best friend and another whom he’d like to undress. In Jimin’s case, his platonic soulmate would be Kim Taehyung and the person he'd like to undress? Min Yoongi.


Author's note


1. blame it on the alcohol

Park Jimin had been living with the other 6 boys for 3 years. Despite living together and treating each other like family, there's always one person he calls his best friend and another whom he’d like to undress. In Jimin’s case, his platonic soulmate would be Kim Taehyung and the person he'd like to undress? Min Yoongi.


Jimin had fantasized over the older boy more than he’d like to admit. He'd excuse himself and finger his ass in the bathroom whenever his thoughts of Yoongi bending him over would fly back into his mind. Taehyung, on the other hand, would always hype him up to just spill the beans to the elder.

"Chim, just confess to him. He isn't exactly straight" Taehyung comments while Jimin thirsts over the stoic Yoongi.

The group is in a bar and the elder is slouching on the sofa he's seated on, legs spread apart while scrolling through his phone; sat right across them with only the table of the booth in between.

"Are you crazy? He doesn't see me like that, Tae" Jimin says too innocently to which Taehyung rolls his eyes at.

"How does he see you then, huh?" Taehyung said it more like a challenge.

"Like a little brother" Jimin says, sadly pouting as he looks down while he fidgets with his fingers.

Taehyung sighs, face-palming himself, "What do I do with you?"

"Why don't we just have fun and drink?" Jimin suggests excitedly, holding up his wine glass up to Taehyung who does the same. They miss the way Yoongi eyes at Jimin who takes all the wine in one go.

Those lips look good around my--; Yoongi's thoughts are cut off when Hosoek plops down roughly beside him, right across Jimin and Taehyung.

"So, when are you finally telling him you want to bang him?" Hosoek asks way too loudly that Jimin and Taehyung turn their direction, but Yoongi is smart enough not to look over the other two so it wouldn't be more obvious than it already is.

"Do you have a death wish?!" Yoongi asks through gritted teeth, his voice low and dominant.

Hosoek laughs at the threat, not daring to glance Jimin's way, knowing that would only give out what they're talking about as he whispers, "It's the bar, just ask him and blame it on the alcohol tomorrow"

"I'm not even drinking" Yoongi says, rolling his eyes at his friend.

"Then, maybe, that would be a reason to" Hosoek says, holding up two glasses of beer as Yoongi eyes it hesitantly.

Maybe Hosoek is right; Yoongi thought to himself. If this is the closest I can get him, I'm up for it. Then, Yoongi grabs one of the beers out of Hosoek's grip and chugs on it as his friend smirks before doing the same.


5 glasses of beer have passed and Yoongi is not even a little tipsy, his tolerance for alcohol is quite impressive. But Jimin, on the other hand, has been rocking back and forth right across the table from Yoongi after Taehyug had abandoned him to dance with Jungkook. Jimin only had two glass of wine and is now at his most drunk state.

What was this boy even thinking?; Yoongi questions, shaking his head before realizing Jimin has gotten on his jelly feet and eyes at Yoongi seductively, slowly blinking before making his way towards the elder and pink hair glowing through the lights.

"Yoongi hyung!" Jimin yells his name through the noise, but Yoongi hears only him, loud and and clear.

Yoongi turns his attention towards the drunk boy, zigzagging his way towards Yoongi before almost tripping in front of the elder who holds his hips in support.

"Jimin, you're drunk" Yoongi comments and Jimin rolls his eyes as he pushes Yoongi who hits his back against the couch roughly and the younger climbs on top of the elder, both his knees on the either side of Yoongi's waist.

Yoongi is wide-eyed and freezes on his seat as Jimin looks down on him with lust in his eyes, but Yoongi keeps his hands to himself; not daring to make the wrong move or take advantage of the younger.

"You, mister, are in big trouble" Jimin says, words swaying in Yoongi's ears, pushing his index finger on Yoongi’s chest.

"Why would that be, Jiminie?" Yoongi asks, his voice dark and husky, feeling his pants tighten from his erection.

"I heard you and Hosoek hyung" Jimin says before leaning close, his mouth so close to Yoongi's ears that his breath is tingling the elder, "Who did you want to bang?"

Suddenly, Yoongi turns his head sideways, lustful eyes meeting the younger's and their faces are only inches apart, "Are you jealous, Park Jimin?"

"Jealous would be an understatement" Jimin says, flirting back and stares at Yoongi's lips before biting the bottom of his.

Yoongi seems to notice, but he knows that it'll only be taking advantage of the younger if he gives in. I can't do this; Yoongi thought to himself. Hosoek is wrong.

"Kiss me" Jimin said it more like a plea than an order, eyes still on Yoongi's lips.

"Trust me, I would love to" Yoongi states, ripping the gaze he has on Jimin's plump lips away and looks at the younger in the eyes instead, "But--"

"You don't like me the way I do...don't you?" Jimin asks, suddenly feeling refreshed and out of his drunk state.

"What--" Yoongi is cut off by Jimin trying to scramble off of him, but Yoongi holds him in position.

"I knew Taehyung was wrong--" Jimin comments, trying to get off of Yoongi, who's hands are on the either side of his hips, not letting him go.

"Jimin, what are you--"

"No! Let go of me!" Jimin yells, but no one seems to hear him as tears start running down his cheeks, trying to get Yoongi's veiny hands off his waist.

"Jimin, no--" Yoongi gets cut off when Jimin's hand smacks right across his face and his head makes a 90-degree turn.

"If you don't want me, let me go!" Jimin yells, still trying to scramble out of Yoongi's grip which comes off easy this time as he is ready to head for the comfort room but Yoongi grabs his wrist, pulling him so he's on Yoongi’s position, bringing them back to their old position.

Jimin felt small as the elder looks up at him and he felt like wanting the floor to swallow him whole and forget about his existence.

“Will you fucking listen to me?” Yoongi raises his voice out of impatience, his eyes full of concern and worry for the younger who is now calm enough to shut up. “You’re drunk, Jimin”

Jimin rolls his eyes at the statement, “I am not drunk” he whines before quietly adding, “…anymore”

“Tss, I don’t trust that statement” Yoongi says and the younger pouts at him, slouching.

“Hyu~ung” Jimin whines at him, shaking his body like a 5-year-old throwing a tantrum as he pouts again.

Yoongi’s throat dries the moment his eyes lands on Jimin’s plump lips and he swallows hard, “What is it, Jiminie?” and his eyes don’t leave Jimin’s lips.

“Kiss me” the younger said it more seductively this time, his breathing quickens as soon as the words slip out of his mouth.


“I swear if you use the same ‘you’re drunk’ excuse, I will castrate you” Jimin threatens, gently hitting Yoongi on the chest. Yoongi takes a long, hard breath before his lustful eyes look into Jimin’s pleading ones.

“We wouldn’t want that, would we?” Yoongi says teasingly, a smug look on his face as Jimin glares at him.

“I hate you so much, Min Yoongi. You don’t know how much I--” but Jimin didn’t finish his whining when Yoongi’s lips are on his and he freezes on the elder’s lap.

Jimin panics, he’s waited for this moment. This exact moment is what he’s been daydreaming for the past year and he can barely function, but reality slaps him when Yoongi pulls away.

“Aish, you plead for it and you don’t even kiss me back. What game are you playing, Park Jimin?” the elder asks, complaining and all Jimin could manage was shake his head from side to side.

“No games” Jimin says quickly, cupping Yoongi’s face and bringing it to his as their lips crash one more time. Wet, chaste, yet full of wanting and desperation. Yoongi holds on Jimin’s hips, tightening his grip as the kiss goes deeper and deeper. It takes moments before they pull away, panting with their foreheads pressed together.

“Hyung” Jimin says between breathes, staring into Yoongi’s eyes as he wraps his hand around the elder’s neck.

“Shh,” Yoongi says, placing a finger on Jimin’s lips, “We’ll discuss this when you’re sober”

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