Cruel World

A short story about living a poor life, under the Great famine in Ireland.


1. Cruel World

”Mom?” Angus pulled in my sleeve.

“Yes dear?” A tear rolled down his cheek, his eyes was blank and full of tears.

“I am starving and freezing.”

“I know darling, me too. I hope Cael soon will come back. So we all can get some food”. He looked out in the air. I wished I could do something, I wished my disease would go away. I wished Finley was still alive, oh my dear husband. I miss him so much, but I need to fight for my two kids and my unborn baby. How will we make it without food, shelter or medicine?

Somebody knocked on the front door, somebody with small and weak hands.

“Come in” The door opened, and a pale thin face came to sight, my best friend Shannon came in. Her breath froze to ice crystals in the cold wind that flowed into the room through the open door.

“Come in and close the door. Quick.” She looked sad and broken.

“They kicked us out… They took almost everything. We have nothing.” Her eyes were full of tears she tried to hold back. I pulled her in and hugged her.

“I am so sorry. They can’t just take it… can they?” I looked down on her. Tears streamed down her cheeks.

“Cael found food in a barn outside the town. He tried to get it, but the guards captured him. They will hang him later for burglary… Oh my dear Bridget… he is gone” She dropped on the cold floor. She cried and sobbed. Her body was shaking, and cold.


“If they find out that Cael was helping you too, they will come here too and take you’re house and maybe kids!” My body was full of fear, I will maybe lose my kids, family or best friend. Tears were streaming down and made my cheeks wet.

“You can live here with us. We will have a bag ready with stuff, clothes and food, if they will come her.” She nodded and wiped her cheeks.


“Angus and Lesley pack some clothes and stuff in a bag and keep it ready. Okay?”

“Yeas mom.”

“Why mommy?” Lesley’s eyes were blank. She was shaking.

“Is something wrong my dear?” I was worried for her health, she was sick. She will not make it through the winter…

“I fell…. Very bad” Her legs collapsed, and she fell to the floor.

“Oh no.” I rushed to her side and craped her little cold hand. I picked her little thin body op and laid her in the bed under a thick blanket.

“Mom. What is wrong with her?” Angus looked terrified at his sister.

“I don’t know… I wish I knew. All we can do is to pray to the Lord.” He looked down on his shaking hands, tears were dripping from his nose tip.

“Come here.” His small feet moved towards me. I hugged him and kissed his messy hair. It was long, brown and curly, there were blond stripes in it.

“Come here and lay with us.” He crawled under the blanket and took Lesley’s little hand in his.

“I love you sis. I will give everything for you, I promise you I will pray to the great Lord. I promise” He whispered to her and stroke her messy hair.

“Sleep now. You will need a lot of energy tomorrow.” I laid down next to them and tried to sleep.

“Come and sleep with us Shannon.” I felt her crawl into the bed. We needed all the warm we could get.



Next morning, I woke up by a angry man knocking at my door.

“You and your family have 15 minutes to get out. Or we will knock down the house.” I cried and packet all the stuff and food I could.

“Angus. Lesley. Get up. We need to go.” Lesley crawled out of the bed, but Angus didn’t move at all. He was cold, pale and lifeless.

“No…” I collapsed on the floor, crying, shaking and screaming. I lost my only son, my firstborn child.

“Bridget… I’m sorry... but we need to go…” she squeezed my shoulder and kissed my forehead.

“Get out. Now. We will knock the house down.” It was the angry man again. I heard fire and burning wood.

“WE NEED TO GET OUT. NOW!” Shannon yelled. She pulled my arm. “We can’t safe him… I am sorry.” I grabbed my bag and Lesley and ran out of the burning house.


“Mom. Where is Angus.” Lesley cried and hugged my arm.

“He is gone… He prayed to the Lord, he said that he would do anything, so you could service. Angus gave you his soul so you could live.” Tears streamed down my cheeks. I was broken, scared and a little proud. My son was a great man, he will always be remembered.  


“Now we need to stick together. We will find a new home. “Shannon took my hand and began to walk down the road.


We didn’t know were we were going, or what we were looking for. But we walk out in nowhere, to find a place we would call home.        


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