Styles Mafia

Styles Mafia are known all around world for being fearless and ruthless. The cops have been trying to take down the Styles mafia for years but never get the chance as The Styles Mafia were always one step ahead.

Mary-Jane the woman who holds Harry's heart. The woman all of the mafia will do anything no matter what. Mary-Jane has been in the Styles Mafia for three years and everyone is willing to protect her and their boss Harry.

Harry the man behind everything, the man who took over from his father. The Styles mafia have been around for years. Harry grew up in the mafia, he grew up ruthless and fearless, he didn't think he could love until he met Mary-Jane.

But when a spy is put into the mafia by the police and the mayor everything starts to fall apart. Can Mary-Jane and Harry save the mafia from falling? Read more to find out


2. TWO


We heard a knock at the door, I took my spot back on Harry's lap who was smiling wide, his lips connecting to mine for a short second.

"Come in" Harry said in a firm voice.

I watched as the door open to see Louis walk in, I smiled gently as I saw him.

Louis cleared his throat, "Boss, Lauren is here."

Harry nodded, "Let her in"

Louis nodded and turned around ushering his hand to show Lauren she can come in - when she entered I was surprised at how beautiful she was. Lauren had lovely dyed blonde hair - her skin was flawless.

"Welcome Lauren please take a seat" Harry said offering a small smile.

Louis walked beside me, I stood up from Harry's lap and stood next to him placing a hand on Harry's shoulder. Lauren took a seat in front of Harry fixing her skirt.

"So Lauren welcome to the Styles Mafia. I except you to be on the ball at all times. You will be our new runner who will deliver drugs and weapons to those who are buying from us" Harry said in his thick mafia voice that I found sexy.

"Yes boss" Lauren said.

Harry leaned into his table and looked at Lauren sternly, "Now I see you met Louis my right hand man, next to me is my girlfriend Mary-Jane and I hope you treat us all with respect because if you don't I will make sure you learn manners. Now you will go through some classes before you start to make sure you know everything."

"What kind of classes?" Lauren asked with a frown on her face.

Harry smirked, "You will find out. I am not giving anything away. Not just yet."

Lauren sat back in the chair and nodded before she looked up at me, "So I am guessing Mary-Jane will be showing me the ropes?" Lauren asked.

Harry looked at me and Lauren before nodding, "She will. You will also be staying in her old room as we need to have eyes on the newbies. Nothing against you and not like we don't trust you but it keeps everyone safe because you haven't had training in a few departments yet."

Lauren nodded before she stood up, "Well than I best be getting ready"

Harry nodded and stood up as well offering a hand which Lauren took, "Welcome to the Styles mafia, Louis will escort you out. I will have Mary-Jane come to your room later this afternoon to discuss clothing and everything else."

"Yes boss" Lauren said before leaving the room with Louis showing her out.

I looked at Harry and glared at him - he knew how much I hated training the newbies as some do not listen at all. I mean Lauren might not be like that but I have a pace I love working out and with newbies it slows me down too much that I hate.

"She has to learn baby girl and you are the only strongest one and fastest girl we have. I know you hate it but please for me" Harry said, his eyes pleading into my eyes.

I rolled my eyes and sighed, "Fine, you are lucky you are handsome and lucky I love you" I laughed before pecking his lips.


I was going through Lauren's clothing and I couldn't believe my eyes, all her clothes were badly designed or not even designer clothing - but I had to admit she had a few good formal dresses but that was it. If Lauren was to survive in this mafia she needs some designer clothes and I will help her.

"Lauren… You only have a few good pieces of clothing which are your formal dresses but to your shirts, skirts, shorts, jeans and shoes none of them are good" I said as I chucked all her clothes apart from the dresses into a garbage back.

"Hey! You can't throw away my clothes. What am I supposed to wear?" Lauren asked.

I rolled my eyes before turning around to see her face to face, "We are going shopping, you need better clothes and people will only buy from you if you were good clothes not ugly and tacky clothing."

How could Lauren be so clueless? Of course we'd go shopping.

"Are we going now?" Lauren asked with a frown.

"Yes, now come on" I was about to slap her pretty little face as she was being so clueless.

"Alright than… I haven't got the cash for designer clothes" Lauren said as we walked up to mine and Harry's room.

"I'll buy you the clothes, its fine and it gives me a chance to buy more underwear anyway" I said as I grabbed my car keys, phone and handbag.

"Where are you going?" I heard Harry ask behind me.

I turned around to face him - Harry stood in a firm posture with his hands in his pockets. He tried to act all boss with me but most times it never works.

"Lauren here has zero fashion sense so we are going to the shops to buy clothes" I said, I saw Lauren glare at me when I said to Harry she had no fashion sense.

Well it was true she didn't

"Alright but be careful, I'll have Louis go with you" Harry said after he thought for a few moments.

"Why does Louis have to be an escort all the time?" Lauren asked.

This girl and her questions I swear, I want to put a sock in her mouth to stop her from asking stupid questions or unnecessary questions.

"Because Lauren, I trust Louis to protect Mary and you. Normally I'd have a whole group of guards with Mary and the other girls but they are all out doing their jobs" Harry said.

"And also Louis and I get on like a house on fire, we trust each other and we do almost every shopping trip together" I said, clearly Lauren couldn't tell Louis was gay.

Louis was a flamboyant gay and everyone knew he was gay straight of the bat, when I met Louis for the first time. I knew he was gay and our first shopping trip together we gelled and became best friends.

"Let's get going we have a long trip ahead" I said giving Harry a quick peck on the lips.

Heading downstairs, Louis must have gotten the word because he was already waiting for us along with Tina. My girl best friend.

"Ugh do we have to bring everyone?" Lauren asked with an annoyed tone.

Tina and I stared at Lauren, she had some bad attitude and I didn't like it at all.

"Well Lauren, its a shopping trip and people who want to come can come. Tina is my girl best friend and well our tastes are the same" I said as we exited the house walking over to my car.

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