Styles Mafia

Styles Mafia are known all around world for being fearless and ruthless. The cops have been trying to take down the Styles mafia for years but never get the chance as The Styles Mafia were always one step ahead.

Mary-Jane the woman who holds Harry's heart. The woman all of the mafia will do anything no matter what. Mary-Jane has been in the Styles Mafia for three years and everyone is willing to protect her and their boss Harry.

Harry the man behind everything, the man who took over from his father. The Styles mafia have been around for years. Harry grew up in the mafia, he grew up ruthless and fearless, he didn't think he could love until he met Mary-Jane.

But when a spy is put into the mafia by the police and the mayor everything starts to fall apart. Can Mary-Jane and Harry save the mafia from falling? Read more to find out





We hit the shopping mall around 1:30 in the afternoon, I parked my car in the underground car park before we headed into to the mall.

"Did you want to fix the room at all Lauren?" I asked.

"Eh sure, are we allowed to do that?" Lauren asked.

"Yeah, you make it your own. We'll head buy the bath and bed store so you can grab what you want for the room and I hear you like books is that correct?" I asked Lauren who nodded and smiled. "Okay than, we'll pass by the book store too and get you some books you like. First though is your wardrobe we need to fix"

We began our search in all the top end clothing stores, getting Lauren to try on different pieces of clothing. Some suited her and some did not, Louis was getting most of the clothes he thought would suit her.

"Are you going to the club tonight with Harry?" Tina asked me as we were seated on the seats as we waited for Lauren to exit the change room.

"Probably, Niall said he had some new girl strippers he wanted to show us" I said just as Lauren exited change room and by god she looked gorgeous. "Damn girl you look gorgeous" I said with a smile on my face.

Louis clapped his hands together and laughed at what he came up with that suited her so well, Tina was nodding her head approving of her look.






Lauren's New Wardrobe (All Four sets)

After 3 hours of shopping we had a whole new wardrobe for Lauren, Tina and myself brought some lingerie for our loved ones and we brought some more make-up. We had gotten books that Lauren liked and got her new bedding and sheets

"I have to say, that today was fun with you three" Lauren said as we headed back to my car.

"Of course we know fashion and know how to make a day" I said as we piled all the bags into the boot of my car before getting inside.

Putting the car into drive, I drove off to the house without hesitation well that's what I thought until I saw 3 black cars following us.

"Louis behind us those three black cars have been following us for four streets, Tina run the plates so we can see who they are" I said.

Louis looked in the review mirror to see the 3 black cars, I put the car into 5th gear as I sped down the highway as Louis kept an eye on the cars while calling Harry to inform him that we were being followed.

"Lauren hold onto something, Tina did you get anything?" I asked.

"Yeah but the cars are owned by Dwayne Harper" Tina said.

I heard Louis cruse, "Its one of Harry's enemies. Speed up Mary" Louis said.

I nodded and pressed harder onto the accelerator speeding the car up, before sharply turning the corner earning smoke to come for the tires as I drifted on the road.


"Louis in my glove box I have two hand guns, grab them out" I said.

Louis nodded and went through my glove box taking out the hand guns I had inside. Tina knew where the others were in the back and grabbed them. The main black car began shooting at us.

"Duck down Lauren" I commanded before opening Tina and Louis's window so they could start shooting.

I turned another sharp corner cutting off on coming cars, I really didn't care about anyone else but us four at the moment. I checked the review mirror to see one of the car tires blew from the bullets ending one car to hit a light pole while the other car had hit the concrete barrier that keeps the other lane away.

All we had now was the main car which was getting closer to us, I couldn't go any faster than I was going. It wasn't long until the car was by my side of the car, I grabbed one of my guns from Louis and began firing at the car next to us.

"Its Dwayne's right hand man" Louis said.

I nodded and kept shooting at the tires, feeling a bullet hit me in the shoulder making me cry out in pain but it didn't stop me. I finally got the tire of the car; watching as the car swerved in between traffic once I slowed down.

"Fuck! Are you okay?" Louis asked.

"Yeah I'm fine just got hit in the shoulder I'm okay" I said as I watched the black car hit a few cars.

Arriving home, all four of us got out of the car before getting Lauren's bags out of the boot.

"Your car hasn't got any bullet holes. How is that possible?" Lauren asked.

"Our cars are all bullet proof" I said as I entered the house with Louis, Tina and Lauren following behind me.

When I reached mine and Harry's room, I grabbed the first aid kit from the bathroom counter. I heard the door open making me peer out of the bathroom to see Harry standing there with his arms crossed.

"I heard you got shot" Harry said.

I nodded, "Its just a graze"

"Who attacked you?" Harry asked as he fixed up the wound.

"Dwayne's men" I said, I could feel Harry stiffen before his face changed to a dark one.

"He is dead. Dwayne is a dead man" Harry growled.

"Harry who is Dwayne?" I asked as I grabbed his hand that he was cleaning my wound with.

Harry looked at me his stone cold face deflated and he sighed softly, "Dwayne's family and my family used to get on great together until they betrayed us, my step father went to jail and they tied my older sister Gemma up in a chair. My mother hid us in the closet as I was the one who was next to be the leader of our mafia.

My mother and I watched from the wardrobe closet as they bet my sister trying to get information out of her, I watched as men raped her and we couldn't do anything. They wanted me but Gemma wasn't telling them anything. Dwayne had brought out a gun and shot my sister point blank in the head.

I wanted to scream so loud but my mother had her hand over my mouth so I couldn't scream or make any noise. They left after killing my sister. We buried my sister a few days later and than I had sworn if I had seen him or his family again I would make them suffer like they made my mother and I suffer.

The one thing that hurt me the most was when my mother died from cancer, I was the only child of hers there and Robin my stepfather is still in prison and he never got to hold her in her final days like I did.

Louis, Niall and Liam are the only ones that knew about my past until now. Now you know" Harry said, I could see the pain in his eyes and I felt shit for asking.

"Oh Harry, I am so sorry. I shouldn't have asked" I whispered.

I knew I had a bad start in life but now knowing Harry's sad past hit like home for me.

"No you don't need to apologize, I should have told you" Harry said as he pecked my lips softy.

"No, its hard talking about a bad past" I said in a whispered tone.

Harry smiled sadly at me before pressing his lips to my forehead.

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