Styles Mafia

Styles Mafia are known all around world for being fearless and ruthless. The cops have been trying to take down the Styles mafia for years but never get the chance as The Styles Mafia were always one step ahead.

Mary-Jane the woman who holds Harry's heart. The woman all of the mafia will do anything no matter what. Mary-Jane has been in the Styles Mafia for three years and everyone is willing to protect her and their boss Harry.

Harry the man behind everything, the man who took over from his father. The Styles mafia have been around for years. Harry grew up in the mafia, he grew up ruthless and fearless, he didn't think he could love until he met Mary-Jane.

But when a spy is put into the mafia by the police and the mayor everything starts to fall apart. Can Mary-Jane and Harry save the mafia from falling? Read more to find out


1. O N E


I couldn't believe it has been three years since I joined the Styles Mafia it seems I have been in the mafia forever. It's been over a year since Harry the mafia boss and I started dating. When I came to the Mafia or when they found me I was a very timid and shy girl - my past for me wasn't the best.

I had the worst possible life before I joined the Styles Mafia, you will all learn my story sometime soon. Today we were having a new girl start her name was Lauren - she was 24 years old and was the perfect girl to be a runner.

Here at the Styles mafia everyone has their own roles, you have the big 6 which is Harry of course, Louis his right hand man also my best friend, Niall, Liam, Tina and of course myself. Each member is taken and will be held different challenges showing us their skills. Each member will be given a job role based on their size and age.

Niall is the owner of Harry's strip club Elysium Harmony - which is a very popular strip club in the east side of London.

When I arrived I was put as a runner, a runner is a person who goes around the town selling drugs and weapons to anyone who is willing to buy under the radar - as I am no longer a runner we have been a runner short for a year making it harder for the other runners to do every round.

I was sitting on Harry's lap as he was going through Lauren's file one last time making sure she was still a perfect fit for his mafia.

"What's going through your mind baby?" I asked as I played with his hair that I styled this morning.

Harry gently placed a kiss on my neck before speaking, "Just everything about this new girl. It seemed really weird how her file popped up but I guess it was perfect timing."

I hummed lightly agreeing with Harry, "We can only wait and see what Lauren can do."

I lifted up Harry's chin with my finger before kissing him gently. Harry's arms tightened around my waist - moaning gently as Harry's hand traveled up my leg making me shiver slightly - fixing my position on him so I was strandling him, my legs dangling from the sides of his legs.

Our kiss got heated every second of every minute. Harry smirked against my lips as I started to grind on his pelciv area a fuck leaving his mouth before laying me down on his office desk. Harry pulled away from my lips only for his lips to attach to my neck - letting out a gasp as I titled my head letting him explore more of my neck.

I moaned out loud as Harry sucked on my spot leaving a hickey there before kissing his way up to my jawline than to my ear.

"Do you have your panties on?" Harry whispered in my ear before he nibbled on it.

I went to reply but Harry's finger was brought to my mouth parting my lips so he could kiss me once more, his tounge exploring my mouth once more. I moaned gently and whined as Harry pulled away.

"Don't whine baby girl you know I hate it" Harry whispered as his hands went through my top.

Hearing Harry tsk as he saw I wasn't wearing a bra and he hates it when it don't - letting out a gasp as Harry sucked on my right nipple.

"Fuck! Harry!" I moaned out.

Harry smirked against my nipple before gently biting down on it before doing the same to my other once. I could feel myself becoming went in my core - feeling my top uncover my eyes as Harry chucked it to the side kissing me once more- this time with roughness and rawness that I loved - opening my mouth to let Harry inside only for my tounge to slip into Harry's tasting his cigar breath.

Pulling away as I started to unbuckle his belt, I was growing more inpatient by the second.

"Inpatient are we?" Harry asked - I could hear the smirk in hus voice.

"Yes" I answered.

I ripped the belt from the holes in the jeans before unbuttoning his shirt exposing his toned chest - his abs staring right at me. Harry chuckled before he shurgging off his shirt - watching as it fell to the ground. Harry placed a kiss on my forehead just as his hands went under my skirt reacing for the hem as he pulled them down in one swift movement.

I moaned as Harry's hands slipped through my panties, "My darling baby girl is soaked with wetness" Harry said.

I breathed heavily as Harry's finger entered wet core, "Fuck!"

Harry slowly moved his finger deeper inside my soaking core, I titled my headback and moaned as loudly as I could - his name escaping my lips. Harry inserted another finger into my core rubbung his thumb on my g-spot. I finally let out the long orgasam I had been holding inside but before I could come Harry pulled his fingers out from my core.

"I can't have you coming yet baby girl" Harry said as he took off my panties following his jeans and boxers. "Are you ready for me baby girl?" Harry asked.

I nodded licking my cracked and dry lips, I felt Harry's lips on my lips as he guided his cock into my core, I moaned as he entered by body - wrapping my legs around his waist and pulled him closer. Harry pulled his lips away from mine as his hand went to my shoulder, the other hand on my left leg as he contuined to thrust inside me.

"Fuck! Yes!" I moaned out feeling my body move with his at every thrust. "Faster please go faster" I begged.

Harry obeyed and went faster and harder, deepening as he changed angle. I moaned at Harry's roughness as he pounded into my body at his fast speed.

"Harry I'm about too…" "Let it out baby girl" Harry said interrupting me.

I felt my body tighten around his cock - letting out an orgasam as I came. "I want to finish you off" I whispered.

Harry let out a nod before he pulled out from my core - sighing at the emptyness but knew it would be filled soon. I got onto my knees and grabbed Harry's thick cock and began to lick it like a lollipop - Harry grabbed a handful of my hair as I sucked on his cock.

"Mary" Harry muttered.

I contuined to suck on his cock until he came, feeling his cock twitch in my mouth before he came. I pulled Harry's cock out of my mouth and swollowed wiling my mouth from come that had spilled out. I stood up and got dressed just like Harry.

"You baby girl are one of a kind" Harry whispered in my ear making me giggle.

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