Styles Mafia

Styles Mafia are known all around world for being fearless and ruthless. The cops have been trying to take down the Styles mafia for years but never get the chance as The Styles Mafia were always one step ahead.

Mary-Jane the woman who holds Harry's heart. The woman all of the mafia will do anything no matter what. Mary-Jane has been in the Styles Mafia for three years and everyone is willing to protect her and their boss Harry.

Harry the man behind everything, the man who took over from his father. The Styles mafia have been around for years. Harry grew up in the mafia, he grew up ruthless and fearless, he didn't think he could love until he met Mary-Jane.

But when a spy is put into the mafia by the police and the mayor everything starts to fall apart. Can Mary-Jane and Harry save the mafia from falling? Read more to find out




I was getting ready for the strip club tonight when I felt Liam's arms wrap around my waist pulling me into his warm bare chest, his lips hitting my neck.

"Babe we have to get ready for tonight" I groaned as I tilted my head back exposing more of my neck for Liam to kiss.

"We have plenty of time and I know the dress you are going to wear is going to kill me" Liam chuckled into my ear as he bit it gently.

I felt Liam turn me around and push me hard against the wall behind me, moaning at the roughness he portrayed when he was hard and horny.

"What do you want?" Liam asked as he kissed my neck, his hands rubbing my sides where my panties were.

"You, I want you" I whispered.

Liam smirked, "Good"

I squealed a little as Liam picked me up and laid me down onto our bed, biting my lip as I watched Liam take off his bottom half, his nine inch cock springing out of his boxers - showing me how hard he was.

"Are you wanting me too?" I asked with a smirk.

"You know I do" Liam said as he grabbed the lubricant from his side of the bed.

Liam unwrapped the packaged lubricant, asking me to move a little bit closer to the edge of the bed. Removing the top, he poured an abundant amount of lubricant, which surprisingly ran quite freely, an inch above my labia. All the while, I had my head placed on a pillow, my arms behind my head as I watched the preparation. Liam couldn't help but distribute the lube with my fingers.

"Now, spread your legs a little more, sugar, and we will see what this thing can do."

Liam smirked and kissed me gently before gripping his large cock and rubbed the lubricant over it, licking my lips as I watched him get ready. Lifting my knees up, I widened my stance as Liam placed the the head of his cock to my wet pussy.

Liam asked for me to help him out a little bit. Standing on my knees, Liam's left hand reached around the inside of my right thigh. He was having an upside down look on my pussy. Liam gently pushed the head of his cock, halting every inch or so - pushing slowly into me with his right hand. My eyes went wide and my mouth made an 'O.'

Inhaling strongly and exhaling slowly as Liam proceeded to push my cock into me going in deeply with one long thrust making me gasp in pleasure. Liam left it deep and moved his hand to my clit, intending to do more in just a few seconds. As soon as his fingers touched my belly, he restated once more and I let out a long loud moan.

Liam moved his hips back before pounding inside me, I grunted and whispered his name, his finger still touching my clit. I felt Liam's lips hit mine as he trusted hard into once more.

"Is it good?" Liam asked as he kissed my ear.

"Fuck! Its perfect" I moaned as Liam rocked inside me

Liam took his time - having fun and enjoying the effect he was having inside of me. Increasing his rhythm took many minutes, but Liam was soon stroking the his cock inside of me at a moderate to fast rhythm. My moans erupted each time I lifted my head to look between my legs.

Moving my legs to wrap around his abed waist before pulling him closer to me, moaning at the feeling of Liam going deeper and deeper inside of me. I was lost in lust and didn't want him to stop, - my grunts and moans filled the room, Liam's left hand had left my thigh and he contemplated the best way to switch hands.

Liam managed to switch but the rhythm slowed considerably. I showed no disapproval as his middle finger slipped down my pussy crack - as he went to find my cilt. I voiced my appreciation for his desire to please me.

"Fuck! Liam! Fuck me harder please" I cried out.

Liam did the best he could trying to keep up his pace to pound harder and harder into me. When the orgasm hit me as Liam went harder against my pussy - he was holding his shaft deep inside of me.

After the orgasm had left me and I laid breathless, my beaming smile told him that he had fucked me good with his cock. I felt myself begin to break, my cum hitting all over his cock making him moan. Liam lifted my knee up and pressed it into his hip so he could change angle and go deeper which he did.

"Fuck! Fuck! Liam!" I moaned as I tilted my head back.

I knew Liam was close enough to explode, "Fuck yes" He whispered before giving one last big trust before exploding into my pussy.

We fought the bed, we so close to the edge, trying to throw us off as we went at it with abandonment his determent desire to fill my pussy.

"WOW" I exclaimed.

"You can say that again!" Liam added with labored breath.

I laughed and felt Liam pull out making me sigh at the epmtyness but smile - we laid there for a few moments until we stood up and headed into the shower to clean up and change.




Harry, Mary, Liam and I were sitting in the strip club watching Niall's new girls perform on stage, Taylor and Megan their names were and they were fairly pretty but still looked shy. Louis was sitting in the corner with his boyfriend Zayn. Men at the front giving the two new girls money, as much as they had.

Mary and I were wearing the same outfit, no we didn't say that we were. We both met up with each other and had the same dress, mine was black and hers was a wine red. When Mary and I saw each other, we couldn't help but laugh when we saw each other.

Taylor and Megan had finished their show, making the club erupt into claps and whistles from men and some women. Throughout the night the girls had finished and now it was men.

"So what do you think of the new girls? This here is Taylor ans Megan" Niall said introducing us to the two new strippers.

"You girls are good but try not to act as nervous as you were. I know its hard but yeah try and relax" Mary said.

Taylor scoffed and rolled her eyes before looking at Mary, "How would you know? All you know how to do is give a good fuck?" Taylor asked.

Harry's face turned from surprised to angry in a heartbeat, he hated anyone who turned Mary down or disgraced her like Taylor just did. We watched as Harry stood up, he grabbed Taylor by the wrist squeezing as tight as he could covering her mouth while Harry snapped her wrist.

"You disgrace my girlfriend you get punishment. No one treats my girlfriend or my friends like crap" Harry growled.

Everyone was too foucsed on the dancers in front of them to even notice what was happening. Harry pushed Taylor to the ground before giving her a harsh kick to the stomach making her groan. Mary grabbed Harry's hand intwining her fingers with his while we watched Megan help Tatlor up who was trembling.

"You need to learn when to shut your mouth" Niall growled at Taylor before dragging the two girls away.

After the long night, Liam and I found each other snuggled against each other on our bed slowly but surely drifting off to sleep. We could all feel this new tension in the air, tension that something was going to happen but what we didn't know.

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