Styles Mafia

Styles Mafia are known all around world for being fearless and ruthless. The cops have been trying to take down the Styles mafia for years but never get the chance as The Styles Mafia were always one step ahead.

Mary-Jane the woman who holds Harry's heart. The woman all of the mafia will do anything no matter what. Mary-Jane has been in the Styles Mafia for three years and everyone is willing to protect her and their boss Harry.

Harry the man behind everything, the man who took over from his father. The Styles mafia have been around for years. Harry grew up in the mafia, he grew up ruthless and fearless, he didn't think he could love until he met Mary-Jane.

But when a spy is put into the mafia by the police and the mayor everything starts to fall apart. Can Mary-Jane and Harry save the mafia from falling? Read more to find out


5. F I V E

Couple weeks later.....



Harry had been working his ass off after finding out the Dwayne was back - I hate seeing him so stressed out. I barely get to see him now as he is up before I get up and comes back to bed when I am sleeping - I mean I do go into his office but its more for work than anything else. I had been taking care of torturing those who have played us or haven't paid us - I shot some mans knee caps the other day as we found out he was stealing and cheating at one of the Vipers casinos.

Everyone knows not to do it but people still do and end up losing part of their body parts until they learn their lesson - I was seated in the kitchen going through some new training operations for the new recruits trying to quicken their experience as we may be experiencing a turf war with us and Dwayne's mafia gang The Red Devils.

I rubbed my temples as I placed the pen down once again as my mind drew a blank, I didn't know what I could do to make the recuits come better as the only who has improved is Lauren. The others just don't seem to care about training as they want to go out onto the streets and start doing their jobs - maybe that is what I will do put them in the lime light of their jobs maybe that will get their ass into gear. Standing up from the table, I grabbed my booklet and pen and headed upstairs to Harry's office where I knocked a few times.

"Come in" Harry's voice rang through.

Opening the door, I stepped inside sending Harry a smile which he brought back but it was forced smile - holding in a sigh, I made my way over to him sitting in the leather seats across from him.

"Whats up Mary?" Harry asked, sounding as if he couldn't care I was here or that he wanted to deal with what I had to say.

Which hurt, I had to admit.

"I came up with an idea to get the new recuiters to actually want to train" I said.

I watched as Harry rose an eyebrow before nodding to let me know I could contuine.

"What if we put them...." "No" Harry said cutting me off.

"You didn't even know what I was going to say" I said frowning.

"Does it look like I have time to hear about it?" Harry asked a growl leaving his mouth.

I felt my heart sink as he has never once used that tone with me.

"But Harry..." "Thats enough Mary! Don't start with your whining its annoying! I haven't got time to deal with it or you for that matter!" Harry yelled.

I felt tears spring to my eyes as I stood up about to speak again when Harry stood up and gave me a cold hard glare which I had to say scared the living shit out of me.

"I don't want another word to come out of your mouth, no bloody wonder the new recuits don't want to train. I wouldn't either with the annoying nagging voice you have" Harry growled.

I looked down at the ground mumbling a sorry before I left his office, slamming the door behind me and felt the tears that I had held in begin to fall - no Mary don't break for him. Be strong show him how strong you are. Walking into mine and Harry's room chucked my booklet onto the ground and grabbed my jacket from the lounge chair in our room putting it on - and headed downstairs, grabbing the keys to my car and headed towards the garage.



I had finally been able to take a break from the war that was forming between us and Red Devils and I was on my way to apologize  to Mary for the harsh words I said - she was only trying to do her part but I shot her down and said some horrible things. It was quiet around the house making me frown as normally everyone would be doing something - but I also knew I had been snapping at everyone these past two weeks.

I walked into mine and Mary's room to see her booklet on the ground, picking it up. I saw her ideas written down on the sheet on how to get the new recuits to actually want to train.

Idea #234
Get the new recuits to work in the lime light giving them an insight of what is to come into their future. Hoping that will get their asses into gear and want to train and not just jump into it.

I was always amazed at how neat Mary's writing was and how courageous her ideas were and how they always seemed to work. I skimmed through the pages to see if she had anymore ideas when I stumbled onto something she had written at the back of her booklet - she had drawn up a map of the Red Devils turf drawing every building and marked where she thought Dwayne may be and where his members were posted.

I remember last week Louis, Liam, Tina, Mary and I were discussing the turf and how I remembered what it used to look like - I thought Mary was ignoring me as she wrote in the booklet but she was actually drawing out the map to the Red Devils turf. I heard a knock at the bedroom door and looked up from the paper to see Louis who had a distressed look on his face.

"Louis, whats wrong?" I asked.

Louis bit his lip as he entered the room, I didn't know why but my heart started to pump harder and harder. Louis handed me a usb that he had in his hand.

"This just came at the door, you have to watch it Harry" Louis said.

I took the usb from Louis' grasp and sped walked into my office - Louis following swiftly behind. I placed the USB into my laptop and watched a video pop up on the screen. My heart dropped when I saw Mary tied to a chair - tears streaming down her face.

"You can't do this" Mary's voice rang through the video.

"We can do whatever we like to get information" the man laughed.

"Information on what?" Mary asked.

"About your beloved Harry"

I felt myself lean closer in for some reason, I heard the sound of metal cracking in the background of the video, the video cut down to what it was - a hospital trolley with all different types of torturing equipment.

"Now Mary, if you don't answer us or give us the correct answer. We won't hesitate to hurt you or kill you. I am sure Harry can find another lover" The man laughed.

"Try me, do what you want. I won't ever break" Mary said.

The man laughed and tutted, I looked up at Louis who was watching with tears in his eyes.

"Get a team out and search for her" I said.

Louis looked at me, "Already on it Harry."

I nodded and went back to the video. I watched the whole 30 minutes of the video and not once did Mary break even after everything I said to her this morning. She still wasn't going to break. I couldn't help but feel tears stream down my face as I heard her cries of pain. My breathing was high and raged with anger as the video ended, the mans name was Aaron and he seemed to be investigating us.

Did he have someone on the inside? Has he got a spy in my crew? If he does. I will be sure to kill that spy and Aaron.


It had been 5 hours since I had seen the video and I was pacing around in my office, hoping that my crew had found her. All I wanted was Mary safe in my arms but am I going to get that after everything I said to her. Does Mary even love me anymore? I sure wouldn't if I was in her shoes. Than again Mary isn't anything like me at all, she is the complete opposite on most occasions. I remember when I found out Mary had been stealing my drugs to sell herself, I remember how scared she was when she was tied to a chair.

Mary was a very timid girl before she became a part of my mafia even times now she still is. There are times when she would go back into her timid shell and stay there until I or Louis, Liam and Tina came to break her out of it. Mary had the heart of gold and always put people first before herself and even if that got her into a lot of trouble when she first started out being a runner - we all came to accept who she was.

I heard the door to my office open to reveal, the men Louis had sent to find Mary. I looked at them, hope in my eyes that she was there, the men separated and there she appeared Mary.

"Mary" I whispered and walked over to her, bringing her into my embrace. "Oh Mary I am so sorry for that I said to you. Oh god."

I felt Mary's arms wrap around my waist before feeling her tears start to drench my tshirt covered chest but I could careless at this moment.

"Leave us and thank you" I said to my men who nodded and left my office.

I kissed Mary's forehead - picking her up, I carried her to my chair where I sat down with Mary in my lap. I wiped away her tears and kissed her forehead.

"I am deeply sorry for how I spoke to you this morning Mary. When Louis gave me the usb and watching you go through that, my heart was about to leap out of my chest" I said.

"I forgive you, I know you were just stressed and tired from everything. I am here to help Harry. I am always by your side even if I'm not in your office" Mary said.

How did I ever deserve a girl like Mary?

Even though people may hurt her or bring her down, she always seems to forgive them.

"I know Mary. Were you hurt badly?" I asked.

"No, just cuts and stabs in the legs and arms. Your men came before Aaron could do anymore. But I promise, I didn't tell him anything" Mary said.

I smiled gently and pecked her lips, "I know my sweet."

Mary smiled against my chest giving it a kiss before she contuined to lay there and I didn't care.

"I read your idea about how to get the recruits to do their training and I think its a great idea. It might get their butts into gear of how it all actually works to" I said.

"I figured you'd like the idea" Mary said.

"I also saw the map of Dwayne's turf, do you think you can draw that on an A3 piece of paper or cardboard?" I asked.

"Yeah I can" Mary said.

I smiled gently and kissed the top of her head, I had her again. I had my Mary back and I am never letting her get hurt like that ever again, not by Aaron and definitely no Dwayne, I will protect Mary even if its the last thing I do.

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