Ghost of love

Tom finds out his mom has an old Aunt in Wales, the old woman live in a big manor house with her butler James and the ghost of a young woman Eirwen who lived in the early fifteenhundreds. Or so she says, Tom don't believe in ghosts.
Apperantly the young woman was cursed and so was Tom through his forefather, a curse that is the reason Tom will never find true love.
Will he find out the full sad storie about the house and break the curses with the help from a young history professor and his friend ?
Will Eirwen find her true love after 500 years ? And will Tom break his family curse ?

Entered in the monster story Marathon competition.. all three categories

Write a monster story that's really a love story.

Write a monster story that's really a fanfiction.

Create a cover/fanart/trailer inspired by monsters.


3. Strong tea and old amulets



 I shake my head. There can't possibly be someone looking right into my eyes. Then I sit up, panting like crazy. I am of course alone in the room. Rubbing my face I talk to myself. "God Tom, you are really letting this place and the stories get to you".

 Even though I am sweaty from the dream. It is like I have been left outside in a snowstorm. I am cold to the bones. Shaking slightly. I literally feel like I have been pulled back from the brink of death. But it was just a dream right ?

 Rolling out of bed I am freezing, I'm only in my pyjama pants, so I pull on a sweater. I need to move a bit to get this feeling out of my body. And I could really use a cup of tea to warm me up.

 It is kind of walking through a deserted museum at night, as I walk down the long hallway. When I reach the pictures of the previous owners, I stop for a moment looking at Bran. "You know I feel sorry for you man, you really had bad luck in life and love".

Walking down the stairs I feel like the eyes of the paintings is following me. And I scold myself for being silly. "Tom for Gods sake, they are not looking at you, your silly goose".

 "Talking to ourselves in third person are we ? That doesn't sound all.. healthy". I almost jump out of my own skin when I suddenly hear a voice from the hall below.

 Then I spot Joey sitting in an old armchair, looking at me rather bemused. "Shit woman, you scared the shit out of me. Do you sit here in hope of someone walking by so you can give them a heart attack ?"

 "Oh sure I do, because I have nothing better to do". She says with a smirk. "No I couldn't sleep, so I thought I would go down here and feel the house. What are you doing up ?"

 I ponder whether to tell her and decide I can trust her. "I had a bad dream, about the witch Morgan. And well I felt I needed to do something and I could really use something warm to drink".

 "Well I happen to know were everything is in the kitchen. So what do you say I make you a strong cup of tea and you tell me about your dream ?" She says getting up from the chair.

 I step down from the last step. "Well if you by strong means that there is a shot of whiskey involved, well then we are speaking the same language".

 "Of course, who would drink tea without whisky ? Come on you limey get a move on those beanstalks". She says, leading the way.

 I sit down at the old rustic kitchen table, watching her make the tea and add a healthy measure of whisky to each cup. Putting one down in front of me. Sitting down to cradle her own cup in her hands. "So tell me about the dream".

 I decide to be honest and tell her all of the dream in details as far as I remember them, ending with saying. "So pretty weird honestly".

 "And you said you literally felt cold to the bones when you woke ? Like you had been on deaths door and had been pulled back ?" She looks at me with a mix of curiosity and worry.

 I nod, kind of feeling odd, taking another sip of the tea to strengthen me. "Yeah. To be honest I felt a bit scared and beside myself. It wasn't a nice feeling at all".

 "I know that you don't believe in this kind of things Tom, but.. well I think that was more than a dream, that she was actually reaching out for you soul. Will you do me a favour ?" She gets up from her seat. "Wait here for a moment".

 "Okay then". I say, watching her leave and return with a messengers bag that she starts rummaging through. Making some annoyed sounds.

 Then finally she pulls something out, holding it up triumphant. It is a leather cord with a cross and a pentagram cut from some kind of reddish wood. "Ha, there it was. Tom for your own sake, please wear this while you stay here".

 "What is it ?" I take the necklace from her hand, looking at the pendants. They are actually quite beautifully crafted and looks old. They are soft like silk to the touch.

 I open it and hang it around my neck. I mean it can't harm so why not. She sits down again. "It is old protective amulets cut from red rowan wood. It protects against black magic".

 "So you really believe in all this ? I mean witches and magic and curses". I look at her. "I mean being a history professor and everything. You just don't seem the type".

 She shrugs and sends me a small smile. "Well I do yes. There is a lot of old text telling of these things. A lot of evidence that we now choose to ignore because people don't want to believe anymore".

 "Sometimes I wish I could just belive, but I mean why don't we have confirmed sightings of ghost ? Proof of magic ?" I look at her.

 She sends me a knowing smile. "Well because most people thinks like you or they are freaking crazy and see ghosts everywhere. There is not many serious believers now a day. But I want to head to bed. Goodnight Tom and please keep on the necklace".

 "Goodnight Joey. See you tomorrow". I say, watching her put her mug in the sink and grab her bag before she gives me a small wave goodbye.

 I empty my own cup and put my cup next to hers in the sink. Then I make may way upstairs. Hoping that I will be able to go back to sleep now.

 As I get near my room, I suddenly hear a sound, like the rustling of fabric, and I look up, seeing someone dissapear around the corner. I walk past my door, calling out. "Hallo, who is there ?"

 I reach the corner, hearing the sound again, now knowing it is a dress. As I turn the corner I stop in my track staring at..

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