Ghost of love

Tom finds out his mom has an old Aunt in Wales, the old woman live in a big manor house with her butler James and the ghost of a young woman Eirwen who lived in the early fifteenhundreds. Or so she says, Tom don't believe in ghosts.
Apperantly the young woman was cursed and so was Tom through his forefather, a curse that is the reason Tom will never find true love.
Will he find out the full sad storie about the house and break the curses with the help from a young history professor and his friend ?
Will Eirwen find her true love after 500 years ? And will Tom break his family curse ?

Entered in the monster story Marathon competition.. all three categories

Write a monster story that's really a love story.

Write a monster story that's really a fanfiction.

Create a cover/fanart/trailer inspired by monsters.


2. Professor and dreams



 I unpack my bag, unable to shake the feeling that someone is watching me and I keep looking over my shoulder. A chill running down my back. I tell myself that I don't believe in ghosts and things like that, so there is no reason to be scared.

 Before I walk out the door, I stop and look into the mirror, suddenly I am starring into a pair of golden eyes, a beautiful young womans standing behind me. I gasp and whip aroud, a hand clutching my chest. But there is no one behind me. Only the painting. Tom you idiot, it was just the painting. I laugh at myself and leave the room.

 Aunt Bronwen had told me that a history professor called Joey is currently living at the manor to write a book about the family and the house and I am curious to meet him.

 When I walk down the stair into the big hall I see my aunt standing with a pretty young woman, she has dark blond hair in a loose braid and black rimmed glasses on her nose and she is waving her arms as she talks. She looks a bit like a sexy librarian.

 "Tom come say hi to professor Josephine Llewellyn, or Joey as she prefers". The old woman says as she sees me. So this is the history professor, not at all what I expected I have to admit.

 I walk over, offering her my hand, and sending her a smile. "Well that is a mouthfull I guess using the full name. Nice to meet you Joey".

 "Nice to meet you too Tom. And well yes it is, my parents wanted a little princess, so they named me for it". She says smiling back, and I imediately like her too, I think we can become friends.

 "I think I will go rest for a bit, and leave you young people alone. Joey can tell you everything about the house and family". My aunt says, and smile before she makes her way upstairs.

 It is actually interesting listening to her tell about the house and the previous owners. She clearly knows a lot and she has a very engaging way of telling.

 "So do you believe in the ghost stories and the curses and all that ?" I ask thinking that she is a history professor, she can't possibly believe in those things.

 She looks at me. "I know you expect me to say no. But I have seen the clues Morgan wrote to Bran, and she really was burned as a witch. A young woman really mysteriously disappeared. And well I have glimpsed the ghost. So yeah I believe, at least somewhat".

 "You have seen the ghost ? Like actually seen a human shaped misty figure or ?" I mean I know how your mind can play tricks on you. But I wouldn't have suspected someone like her to believe it.

 She giggles slightly, clearly sensing me being a bit hesitant in believing in this. "Well glimpsed her, out of the corner of my eye, every time I look directly she disappears. And well she is actually pretty clear, just slightly transparent like a film that is worn down".

 "Honestly I don't really believe in such things". I say with a small shrug. "I think people tend to see what they want to see. So I would probably have to see it to believe it".

 "I have a feeling you will". She says winking at me. "Honestly when you first came down the stair I was wondering if Bran's ghost had returned. You being here is bound to attract her".


 In the evening I go to bed early after the long journey. Honestly the room and the big old house with it foreign sounds and smells is a bit scary. But I ignore it and soon I am drifting of to sleep.

 I find myself standing on some cliffs, the ocean roaring far far down, grey and scary, casting up white ropes of foam, like it is trying to climp the ragged stone. The sky is heavy and churning too, beautiful in its own right. Nearby a seagul scream out.

 Then I see her come walking towards me, she is beautiful with auburn waves of hair cascading down her back. She is wearing a black dress that is tight on her sexy body and cascading out around her feet looking like raven feathers. Some kind of wing looking cape is fluttering around her.

 "There you are my handsome". She says like we are old friends, old lovers. A knowing smirk playing on her lips. "Come to me and you won't regret it. Be mine and I'll show you wonders and joy you can only imagine".

 "Who are you ? What do you want from me ?" Honestly she makes me feel very much nervous, but there is also an undeniable pull towards her.

 She smiles, but it is more like a Cheshire cat grin. "I am your destiny and I want you, body and soul. You will know no more pain and no more loss. No more loneliness. Just come to me".

 "Yeah tempting, but I have this feeling I will regret it sorely". I say. Something about her tells me that she is a quite dangerous woman.

 She hold out her hand and I feel like I am stuck in glue. I can't move. And she walks closer. "Don't fight me Tom. Don't think you have a choice. If I say you are mine you are".

 I can't move and she is getting closer, looking like she wants to eat me up. Everything in me pulls away from her as she reaches me. "Please leave me alone, I don't know who you are, but leave me alone". And then it hits me. "You are Morgan right ?"

 I see the flames that devoured her burn in her eyes. "Oh, not only handsome, also very smart. Yes my love, I am Morgan and you are mine eternal". She leans up pressing her lips to mine.

 It feels halfway like a very heated kiss and halfway like she is sucking out my soul, and I feel a icy cold spread through my body.

 "Tom fight her, please fight her". I suddenly hear a soft voice in my mind, it is like the wind and the waves are calling out to me. "Don't let her take you, fight".

 And I fight, I really fight, willing my body to move. The soft loving voice keps telling me I can do it, that I am strong. Finally I push her away. "Leave me alone witch". I yell and turn to run. 

 I blink my eyes open, staring into two golden orbs only inches from my eyes, the soft voice whispering. "Welcome back to life".

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