2. breakfast times

~She was vaguely aware of his hand on her breast and for a drowsy moment thought she was dreaming the sensation until Harry rolled her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, pulling her from slumber.

“What are you doing?” Palmer teased, prying one eye open. The alarm clock read 4:43 AM.

“Saying ‘good morning’,” Harry murmured in her ear. His voice was low and sexy, husky with disuse. It sent a shiver across her skin. She was spooned against him and in the small of her back she could feel his cock stir.

“Morning?” She moaned. “it’s not anywhere close to morning.” Harry pinched her nipple again, before smoothing over the sting with his thumb. She arched against him and gasped as the feeling shot straight between her thighs. His other hand snaked around to cup her other breast, his fingers mimicking each other as they teased her.

“I can stop,” Harry laughed. “If you want me to.” He pressed his erection against her, nestling himself between her ass. She couldn’t contain her sigh of satisfaction.

“I thought about this all week,” he whispered into her ear as one hand stayed down to brush lightly against her curls. “Thought about you, the noises you make when I touch you, how wet you get for me.” He trailed a finger through her wetness, all the while holding her immobile against him. His laugh was low as she groaned and tried to wiggle against him.

“We haven’t done this nearly enough,” Harry murmured. He stroked her clit lightly before his fingers danced further down to test the dampness he’d caused. “There’s too much I don’t know about you yet. Too much we haven’t tried.” He repeated the procedure a few more times and she was torn between the teasing brush of his hand between her legs and the firm pull of his fingers on her nipple; both sensations made her crazy, made her want more.

“It would be so easy to wake up beside you every morning, just like this,” Harry said in a low tone, shifting his hips so his cock slipped between her thighs. They both groaned in pleasure.

She only had to move just a little bit to take him inside and his hiss of satisfaction echoed her own. He moved slowly, withdrawing with almost lazy intent, taking his time with each new thrust inward, making her feel every inch of him. He kept one arm around her waist, holding her against him to stop her from moving too quickly, from speeding up the pace with her typical impatience.

All she could do was gasp repeatedly to try to get air into her lungs. There didn’t seem to be any room left in her body for oxygen, for anything but Harry and the constant push and pull of him within her.

Palmer’s first orgasm was a jumped of light and sensation, a sharp pulse of pleasure that made her cry out. Harry was whispering encouragement in her ear, a steady stream of words she couldn’t understand but wanted to hear anyway. The second time she came, Harry matched her seconds later, his own contractions the mirror of her own.

Satisfied and still only half-awake, she turned her head to kiss him. Palmer could feel him smile against her lops as she stretched and purred contentedly.

“Go back to sleep, Palmer.” Harry prompted, tucking her more firmly against the warmth of his body and smiling as she did as she was told.



~“Wow, breakfast and a show, I’m the luckiest guy on Earth.” Harry commented as he walked in to his kitchen, greeted by the sight of his girl standing at his stove, clad in just one of his t-shirts, flipping what looked like a piece of French toast in a pan on the burner. Palmer turned around to flash Harry a smile, rolling her eyes when she found him completely naked.

She realized the shirt she was wearing barely covered all of her bits and pieces, just short enough to give Harry the show he had commented on, but at least she was wearing something. If anyone was getting a show, it was her. “Sit down, perv.” Palmer instructed, turning off the burner and bringing a plate filled with French toast, eggs and bacon, all the edible breakfast food she could find in his house considering he wasn’t going to be in it for a month so there was no point in keeping the house stockpiled with food.

“C’mere,” Harry said softly, patting his lap to tell her to sit in it. He smirked when Palmer rolled her eyes at him, taking a glance at his naked body and appraising the erection that was steadily rising in his lap. “I want some breakfast.”

“You have breakfast right in front of you, Harry.” Palmer retorted, pointing to the plate full of food in front of him at the table that he glanced at and then pushed away.

“Not what I’m hungry for.” His voice was laced with huskiness, an effect from its disuse through the night. Palmer blushed at the way Harry was observing her. All heat and lust in his eyes, the green color of them so bright they practically shined their way across the kitchen at her.

“You’re incorrigible.” Palmer sauntered towards him and he stood from his seat, hauling her into his arms. He nuzzled her neck and his arms went around her, pulling her close. Palmer could barely handle the way Harry was kissing her neck, kisses that were light and barely there, a soft brushing of his lips. It made her skin tingle and her insides curl. His hands moved to her waist and his lips met hers, making her want more. His hands moved to cup her backside, his long and rough fingers barely touching her damp center, making her quiver.

“You like it,” Harry murmured huskily against her ear as he squeezed her ass in his hands and ran a single finger down her slit. Palmer moaned his name as she clung to him for support. Harry carried her in his arms and placed her on the island in the middle of the kitchen. She flinched at the contact of the cold surface. Harry pulled back just a bit and ran a hand across her nape, pulling her close and claiming her mouth for a kiss. He devoured her mouth and his fingers tangle in her silky hair, making her squirm on the tile.

She put her hands around Harry’s waist and pulled herself closer to him in order to rub herself against his erection. Harry groaned at the contact and nibbled on her lower lip. He kissed her jaw, tracing a path from her chin to her cleavage as he took the skin of her neck between his teeth and nipped at it, leaving a dark red mark that he hoped would stay there for a while.

Palmer moaned as she ran her fingers across the skin of Harry’s chest, smiling when she got the groan she desired from him. She placed feather light kisses across his shoulders as he worked his hands to the hem of her shirt to pull it off and up her arms, hurling it across the room. His eyes swept across her entire body making her shiver. Her ribcage was narrow, her skin silky and a beautiful caramel brown. Her breasts shimmered with her each breath; she inhaled sharply as he bent forward and nuzzled against her. He teased her by placing tiny soft kisses against her nipples causing her to bring her hands up to him and running her fingers through his hair, clasping his head, urging him to go on. He flicked her nipple with the tip of her tongue and she nearly launched off the counter.

“Harry…” Palmer breathed out as she held on to him. She heeded Harry’s order for her to calm down before he switched to the other breast and closed his teeth around her tender flesh and carefully tugged. Her whole body jerked and she held him as close as she could. He wrapped one arm around her hip, pulling her close to him, his erection straining to be inside of her. Openmouthed, he kissed his way to the other nipple. She squirmed and shifted, guiding him and she sighed when his mouth latched onto her breast.

“You are so sensitive, baby,” Harry muttered against her damp nipple.

“So you keep saying,” Palmer murmured as she hugged him closer. He dropped a kiss of her forehead and pulled away from her.

“Just a second, I’ll be right back.” Harry whispered as he brushed his thumb against her cheekbone. Palmer sighed out her consent as she nuzzled his hand. Harry turned to the kitchen table, gathering one of his chairs, returning with it and placing it before Palmer. He settled himself on the chair and pulled her hips towards him, her legs hanging on the edge of the counter. He placed his arms around her waist and kissed her belly, making Palmer buckle against him.

She ran her fingers through his hair as he dipped his tongue inside her navel and Palmer tightened her fingers in his hair. He ran his fingers over her smooth long legs and placed kisses at equal intervals. He brought her feet to the front of nibbled at the arch of her foot, smirking when she held on to the edge of the counter for support. Harry made the move to push her thighs wide enough to bridge his upper body.  

She was glistening with her own arousal, moaning when he cupped her firmly in his hands. His finger parted her and pushed deep, Palmer closing her eyes and throwing her head back with a cry. She wanted to sprawl on the counter but Harry caught her and held her upright.

“You feel perfect, love.” Harry whispered as his finger teased, pushing in and the out again as Palmer clutched at him. He stood and held her close, kissing her mouth, ears and throat. He inserted another finger in, stretching her. He arched her body, bending to take her nipple in to his mouth again, unable to get enough of her breasts this morning. Her hips moved against his hand and he slipped his fingers deeper into her, flicking at her clit with his thumb. Palmer clutched at him tighter and wrapped her thighs around him, tight.

“A little more, baby.” Harry breathed out as he thrust his fingers into her at a steady pace, keeping her right on the edge of her orgasm. Palmer groaned as a wave of intense pleasure broke over her. She laid her head against Harry’s chest as he murmured sweet and soft words as he held her tight. After her heartbeat started to slow, she lifted her head and brought her lips closer to his, for a kiss. She nibbled at his lower lip as he stroked her hair.  


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