My Thoughts Exactly

A short chapbook of poetry.
***Will be published December 2018


1. Recalling A Memory; You Were God

In a second, I am here, soaking up

The rays of the sun; there is lukewarm

Air against my skin and my dress feels blue

And itchy. I think, if I strain, I can

Still hear the waves and they sound as if they’re

Getting closer and closer. My lips, when

Yours are pressed to mine, taste like the salt

Of the sea.


But in a second, too, it’s gone and I

Realize that the sun rays are fluorescent

Lights of the room, and the wind is a fan,

And my dress is a tattered gown with plain

Print, and the waves are in my ears, ringing,

And your lips are just my tongue trying their

Best to wipe away the blood and cracked skin

You left behind.


These are the things you cannot see with eyes.


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