My Thoughts Exactly

A short chapbook of poetry.
***Will be published December 2018


3. Observations of A Dead Girl

Dirt tastes like skin.

When the salt

And oils are removed and you are dry

And sick and ailing.


I know this because they buried me alive.


No casket, no body bag.

Eager hands gripped my shoulders and spine;

Hefted on their backs, I was carried into the woods.


They threw me down,


I did not move.


They used their shovels to spill dirt in the

Many corners of the world.


When he lifted me, he laughed then tossed me in.

I could not cry; You reap what you sow.


For seven days and seven nights,

I only had myself for company;

Until the maggots inside me came to claim what is theirs.

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