My Thoughts Exactly

A short chapbook of poetry.
***Will be published December 2018


2. After An Assault

Step one would be to be, I guess.

Remember, please, that you are still here,

Even though it feels as if you aren’t.


Step two, tie your shoes and take a walk.

If it isn’t too cold outside, leave your hair wet

After and only after,

You’ve scrubbed away the skin that he touched.

Let the wind dry your hair and your tears.


Step three is full of warm drinks in large places

Frequented by quiet people just like you

And boys who look nothing like him

Because boys like him wouldn’t be caught

In a place like



Step four is to cry with all your might.

Even if it breaks your chest and your long bones

And irregular bones and flat bones somehow

Become carpal bones, keep crying.

Your best friend will dry your tears.


And step five isn’t mine to write.

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