Nobody is perfect

This is about me not liking the mother that God gave me.


1. I don't like the mother that God gave me

The reason why I seriously don't like the mother that God gave me is because of her hair and her face and she is the most annoying person on Earth and my mom would say I don't like the daughter that God gave me. I like Dennis the pod man cause he's nice, but he has never given me any money when I went outside to see how the pods container was being picked up from my driveway, but I know that he asked me if I was there to take his picture and I said no I was there to record him picking up the container! I know that my grandmother told me last year and she said that when she was younger, she thought that she did not like her mom, but her mom would do nice things for her. I tried to spit on my mom's face, but she just moved her arms to face! I know that I have friends in Tennessee, but I'm not moving back to Columbia cause I like it in Florida! I know that Lauren Shedd is not good friend and Kristen Allen is not a good friend either, I hate them for good, but thank God I'm nowhere near them. I know that its true that nobody is perfect and I know that there are some reasons that I have a problem, but I wish the whole world was not like school that I would get in trouble cause I already know that I used too get in trouble at school, but I'm very happy that I don't go to school anymore cause I graduated six years ago! I'm 24 years old and I'm an adult now, I'm not a child anymore. I know that I don't do facebook and instagram anymore.

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