Periodic Madness

A new thing I'm trying about the periodic elements enjoy


1. Chapter 1

Periodic Madness
Chapter 1: Uranium:
I sit on the top bunk of the bunk beds and type crap into Google as my roommate plays video games. I'm kinda bored and I can't wait until the finals are over and I get to go to California before I go and see my surrogate family in Berlin for the summer, then to college in Oregon. I'm taking a Physics course because I want to go into nuclear physics, which I guess is kinda ironic, seeing as the laboratory isn't my most favourite place in the world. But then again, at least I'm not going to be experimented on again…I hope. 
All of that will be after college, though. For now, I'm just slowly packing up my stuff for the last time, getting ready to leave Atomic High for good.
I'll kind of miss this place, in a way. It's one of the very few safe places for us. There aren't really that many  periodic students. Normal people are allowed to enrol too-if we didn't let them our cover would be blown-and to them this boarding school/high school is called Summer Falls. There's a waterfall on our huge campus that contributed to the name years and years ago as well as a couple of lesser-known waterfalls.
Someone knocks on my dorm door, and as my non-element roommate isn't making any move to answer it, I slide down off the bed and open it. Hydrogen, aka Harmony, is stood outside it, her long hair shining in the sunlight. Her glittery eyes remind me of stars, but that's probably because she, like me, is a periodic element. I smile when I see her. 
"Hey, Harmony. What's up?" I say, telling her with my eyes that my roommate, Tatiana, is in, and she nods ever so slightly. 
"Hey, Kayleigh! OMG, I'm like totally  flunking Physics and our Physics finals are, like, in two days. Should we go and revise our notes near the waterfall?" She says, element code for 'we need to talk.' I nod and  walk out into the hot Floridian summer air, following Hydrogen down to one of the lesser-known waterfalls in the woods. It's a pretty place, drenched in sunlight and filled with flowers and long grass and a few rocks. We sit in the long grass, and Hydrogen absent-mindedly  begins picking it and plaiting it. Hydrogen is one of those girls who looks like they were born for summer, with a great figure and long hair and blue eyes, the kind of girl who looks great in anything she wears. I have long brown hair and dark eyes and look good in some things. I'm not as pretty as Hydrogen but I'm not ugly either. 
"What do you wanna tell me?" I ask. A moment of silence passes between us, the only sounds the gentle running song of the stream near us and birds twittering in the trees. Then she replies. 
"I just can't believe we're leaving, Uranium. It's weird. I mean, yeah, there are some normals here, but out there, we're the minority. At least you'll get to stay with Oganesson and the California Squad as well as Cadmium and Caesium. And you get to go to Europe. I don't even know where I come from. All I know is I was named by a French guy. Uranium…what if we end up back in the labs?" Silence falls over us again as we sit lost in thought. We only just managed to escape from the labs we were being held in a couple of years ago, and that's why all us elements are so close. Well, most of us anyway. I understand Hydrogen's fear because I feel it too. 
I suddenly grin at her and laugh. 
"God, it's gonna be weird after we graduate. No more pranking the normals! No more Fat Man and sneaking about at night!" I say, and Hydrogen laughs. 
"God, I'll miss all that stuff. Fat Man…we have nicknames for everyone!" The Fat Man is one of the teachers who is actually Plutonium but doesn't tell normals, and he makes sure we're all in bed at nine every night. Most of us elements make it a thing to sneak around after curfew and see how long we don't get caught for. Hydrogen has the record of ALL NIGHT. I have a record of like five hours.  
After a while we head back to the dorms and chill with a group of normals we made friends with, reverting back to Harmony and Kayleigh, and laugh as we share memories of our life. We also study for our finals. Hydrogen really is flunking Physics, and I'm not doing so well in Math. As well as study, I have three papers to get finished and handed in. It's weird but I really will miss high school. 
Finals rush by like time is being chased by the hounds of hell, and prom goes even quicker. I went with this kind of shy and geeky guy who's had a crush on me for ages. He was really cute, actually.
It's graduation day. The ceremony is over. I'm no longer a high school student. I feel sad in a weird way, yet also excited for the future. Who knows what will happen? 
I have all my things packed up and I'm waiting for Noel, the woman who looks after me and makes sure I stay out of the labs by using her power as a scientist to keep me free. She can also protect my element friends, but only if we stay in California. Noel always kind of worries when I go to Germany for two weeks every summer. 
I see Hydrogen standing by herself, nibbling her lip and looking slightly nervous. She turns, catches my eye and smiles. Then Noel pulls up and I leave Atomic High/Summer Falls behind forever, Hydrogen getting further away every second. I hope she'll be okay. I'll have to text her when I get home.

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