Travelling the World with Books

A blog in which I describe a literary project to Travel the World with Books. I will include synopsis's of the books, historical context, conversations with my reading partner and my thoughts on the books. Feel free to comment any thoughts or recommendations for foreign books I can read.


4. Book List

Book list

This is the book list of the project. It will grow as we decide on and read books. Any suggests are very welcome, especially if the book is in (or translated to) English and easily accessible. All the books that are asterisked have been read by Lucie and I. Those not are ones we are definitely going to read.



**Afghanistan / Male / The Kite runner/And the Mountains Echoed / Khaled Hosseini / Historical Novel**

**Iran / Male / The House of the Mosque / Kader Abdolah / Historical Novel**

**India / Female / The Space Between us / Thrity Umrigar / Novel**

**Australia / Female / Tom Appleby, Convict Boy / Jackie French / Historical Novel**

**United Kingdom / Female / Mansfield Park / Jane Austen / Classic novel**

**Pakistan / Female / I am Malala / Malala Yousafzai / Biography**

Russia / Male / The Idiot / Fyodor Dostyevsky / Novel

**Nigeria / Female / Americanah / Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie / Novel**

**China / Male / Red Dust / Ma Jian / Nonfiction Travel**

**America / Male / Deep South / Paul Theroux / Nonfiction Travel**

Palestine / Male / Palestinian Walks / Raja Shehadeh / Nonfiction Travel and history

Israel / Male / The Zigzag Kid / David Grossman / Teen fiction

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