Travelling the World with Books

A blog in which I describe a literary project to Travel the World with Books. I will include synopsis's of the books, historical context, conversations with my reading partner and my thoughts on the books. Feel free to comment any thoughts or recommendations for foreign books I can read.


6. 17th April 2018

Today I have a small review of Austen’s Mansfield Park by my reading partner Lucie. Though I listed it as one already done, she was yet to read it, but now she’s finished we are both reading the first two of our project (The Idiot and Optimism over Despair).


Mansfield Park

A book rather slow to get going. I found it much more enjoyable once I related to the story as a comedy, as recommended by Jack, as it relieved the annoyance I felt about the futility of some of the chapters. Mrs Norris definitely won the prize for being the most annoying, but was society really so ‘polite' then that no-one could take her to one side and set her straight? Despite this I appreciated the occasional question of the status quo, for example when Fanny challenged the need for women to be grateful of any offer of marriage; I felt this reflected the issues of entitlement that we still grapple with today. Although I would have preferred for this to have happened sooner, as I nearly gave up with reading the book out of sheer frustration at the banality of the story, it was a relief that Fanny’s character did develop over time.  As you can probably tell, this is not my usual choice of book however I can see that there is a great number of things to enjoy should this style suit you.

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