Not So Sweet

They met under unusual circumstances. She loved him whereas he loved another. How could she make him fall for her?


Author's note

Simple soul with a thirst for writing stories

10. 9

The sudden sound of the phone ringing woke her up. She rubbed her eyes and took her phone which was kept on the bedside table. Nikhil was not to be seen, she wondered where he was. Last night he had made it clear that he didn't have anything to do with the marriage. 

She received the phone "Anya!where are you?it's almost nine?" Shivani, her colleague yelled. Anya blinked, she had totally forgotten about her job, at the midst of this complication. 

"Hi shivi!"she said, feeling uneasy "I'm not yet back!" There was a pause, "what!"Shivani screamed "the wedding's over right?so is your leave!now get your ass back here before you get into serious trouble!"

"You don't understand shivi!" Anya tried to stifle her cries "I can't come back!I'm married now"she narrated everything and when she was done, she found herself crying.  

"Oh Anya!it's okay"Shivani sympathized with her "don't cry! everything's going to be alright". Anya sniffed "I hope so! please let the dean know, I'll mail the resignation letter and I'll send my mother for the rest of the formalities". 

"I'll take care of it, don't worry" Shivani said "let me know if you need anything else". Anya wiped her tears "prayers are all I need right now"she hung up, collapsing on the bed again.

After a while, she freshened up ,and wearing a  fresh simple salwar, she walked out of the room slowly. His mother was seated on the sofa, and next to her sat his younger sister Naina, whom she had met for a brief moment during the wedding. 

Anya could hear them talking about something, as she approached it was clear "what were you thinking maa, when you got Nicky married to that girl?She's not even pretty, neither she has class!" Naina was saying. 

"It's not like I had a choice, I had to think of something" Minakshi told her daughter. Naina went on to say something when she spotted Anya walking down the stairs "good morning aunty" Anya wished her mother in law. Minakshi nodded curtly, "where's Nicky?" Naina asked in an unfriendly tone. 

Anya bit her lip, "he's...gone out"she said. "Didn't he say where?"Naina wouldn't leave it at that. Anya looked away, "he didn't". Minakshi stared at her, "call him, I hope he's okay".

He's not a child, Anya thought of saying but stopped herself, "I don't have his number"she said.

Naina looked as if she was pleased with the answer, "he's your husband, you should know"she said in an accusing tone. Anya didn't reply, she realized no one wanted her here. 

"It's not like they knew each other before marriage" her father in law said, smiling at her, ,Anya wished him sweetly, "it's his job to inform her, not hers"he said, glancing at his wife. Anya felt gratitude towards him, atleast l she had someone who supported her. 

"I just hope he's not too upset" Naina said, looking at Anya in disdain. "He's not a kid, he's mature enough to understand"he said ignoring his daughter. 

Anya walked towards the kitchen, not wanting to join the conversation. She noticed there were maids doing their job. "Miss"one of the ladies smiled when they saw Anya, "do you need anything?"

Anya smiled back, "I wanted to make tea". The maid nodded, "black tea?" Anya shook her head "no its alright!I'll make it myself!"

"Oh no!we can't let you"she said, "what's your name?"Anya asked. "Ganga"the lady said, "she's Lata"she pointed at the maid who was cleaning the floor, "she's on cleaning duty while I'm in charge of the kitchen". 

"That's nice" Anya said, as she handed her the tea cup, "thanks". Ganga smiled at her, "Ganga!"they both turned to look at Nikhil. He looked at Anya, their eyes met for a brief moment before he turned away, "send me my breakfast"he said. 

Ganga nodded, and started on her task. "He doesn't dine with family?"Anya asked her, curious. She laughed, "when he's in a hurry, he eats alone". 

Anya observed that his breakfast consisted of a single banana, salad and an orange juice. Who eats like this?she could only wonder. 

"I'll take it"she said, taking the tray from her and walked to their bedroom. She entered, keeping the tray on the table. He came out of the bathroom, wearing a formal attire, with a cream shirt. 

"Your breakfast"she almost whispered. "I didn't ask you to get it"he said, indifference in his tone. "I know! I got it anyway". He didn't reply, he sat on the sofa, "are you going somewhere?"she asked, as he picked up his salad. "Why?"he asked, looking at her. "I just wanted to know"she said, trying to be friendly. 

"None of your business"he quipped, much to her annoyance. "Does it hurt you to be nice?"she asked, losing her patience this time. He drank the juice and got up to his full height "yes it does! So don't even try"he seethed, his eyes burning into hers. "You know it's not my fault!"she said firmly.

"I couldn't care less!"he said, wearing his suit, "it's as if you don't even exist for me, you better get used to it!"he walked out of the room, slamming the door behind him.


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