Not So Sweet

They met under unusual circumstances. She loved him whereas he loved another. How could she make him fall for her?


Author's note

Simple soul with a thirst for writing stories

9. 8.

 It was a huge bedroom, with a king size bed, filled with rose petals shaped into a heart. The flaming red curtains hung on the window bars, and the coffee table was set with a lot of candles which smelled of lavender.

Anya stood there, mesmerized by the beauty of the room, which was much bigger than their living room back home, she thought as she admired the beautiful chandelier and the small dazzling lights. Never had she seen anything like this before.

She sat on the bed, too exhausted. The events that followed had been a blur to her. After Nikhil and his family had left, things got really faster. 

Next morning was the wedding ceremony, she wore the bright red saree which was actually kept for her cousin. At the pyre, as she sat next to him for the rituals, she realized he didn't even look at her. He looked as blank as her and his mother didn't even smile at her when she gave them her blessings. They were probably still angry, she thought, they might need sometime to forget what happened.

Crying and with a heavy heart, she hugged her mother, her aunt and uncle. She left with her newly married husband, sitting beside him in the car as they drove away. Even when she kept glancing at him briefly, he didn't even turn at her direction.

She only hoped this will all get better soon and she was wrong.

She waited for him, still sitting in the bed, wondering what to do. The saree which she wore was heavy and she badly wanted to get rid of it. But she wasn't sure if she should wait for him and then change. 

She was tired, not to mention cold because of the high AC, she wasn't used to the air conditioner back home. She searched for the remote to switch it off, she scanned the drawers, near the bed when she heard the gruff voice "what are you doing?"

Startled, she turned to look at him. He was staring at her with a bewildered expression, "you want something?"he asked, coming closer to her. 

She shivered slightly, not used to his presence, "I..was searching for the AC remote, I... couldn't find it....I'm... sorry"she stuttered.

He looked at her "it's probably on the table"he went and retrieved the remote "I'll change the settings". She nodded, settling in bed again, twisting the ends of her saree anxiously. 

"Don't you want to change?"he asked, after coming out of the bathroom, wearing a simple white T-shirt. He was tall, over six feet compared to her five feet two inches, she observed. 

"I'll.. change"she said, feeling awkward. She went to the bathroom, taking a cream nightgown which was packed among all her other clothes. 

After changing, she came out of the bathroom to find out him leaning on the bed. She perched on the corner of the bed, having no clue what to do. He was busy in his phone, he didn't even look up. She waited for him to speak, at least acknowledge the fact that she was there, but none came. 

As if to draw attention, she coughed slowly and cleared her throat. He raised his eyebrows, "um..which side do you sleep?"he asked, she could notice the tension in his voice. She wished they would get past this awkwardness;afterall, they were married right?

"I don't have a particular side"she smiled in a friendly way. He didn't smile "fine then"he moved to a side "you can sleep here"he gestured her. She nodded, settling next to him. "Do you want the lights on?"he asked. 

"No, its okay"she replied as he switched off the lights, only letting the dim one on. He pulled the covers on him, and leaned over. 

She wondered if they would ever have a normal conversation, she decided to initiate one. "Nikhil?" she called out softly, taking his name for the first time; somehow the name sounded foreign to her own ears. 

He looked at her, probably surprised, "yeah?" She pulled her hair back "I'm sorry"she said, in a low voice "for everything, I know you didn't ask for this, neither did I". He didn't reply, say something she thought wistfully. 

"I'm sorry but I didn't catch your name, what is it again?"he asked. It took a moment for her to grasp what he asked, "Anya"she whispered. "Okay Anya" he smiled for the first time and she could only gape at him "you might think an apology will suffice and you can clear your conscience"he looked straight into her eyes, "but I don't give a damn!what your family did to us, I'll never forgive that, and speaking of this marriage"his eyes narrowed "it's a sham, you know it!"

She blinked back the tears which had escaped her eyes, but he wasn't done yet "you can take your friendly act back where you came from, I'm clearly not interested"he snapped, and went back to sleep. 

Yes, she was wrong she thought as she tried to go to sleep. She was not welcome here, and this was only the beginning.



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