Not So Sweet

They met under unusual circumstances. She loved him whereas he loved another. How could she make him fall for her?


Author's note

Simple soul with a thirst for writing stories

8. 7.

Anya was shocked to realize that no one really cared about her wish. As they stood outside the room, she tried to reason with her mother, "mama! Let's go home please!" 

Siya interrupted before her mother could speak "enough Anu!"she retorted "after getting into this mess, you want to escape?" 

Anya couldn't believe her aunt whom she found very caring and kind could actually be blaming her for something her daughter did "how can you say that badi maa! Riya's not a kid, she ran away on her own. No one forced her to do anything, instead of accepting the fact, stop blaming me for everything" she said. 

Siya went on to say something but stopped, she found herself on the verge of tears "I'm sorry beta" she cried "I'm not in the sane mood right now! Please save us from getting dishonored, I'm begging you"she had her arms folded "just think of our family and our reputation".

Anya didn't know what to say to that, "your aunt's right beta!"Sudha spoke up "we have no choice but to accept her wish!" Anya glared at her mother, "I know why you're doing this!"she spat "you want to finally see me get married!you don't care how".

Sudha widened her eyes "right now I'm concerned about my sister"she said firmy "and I know Nikhil's family, they're respactable people, they'll never let us down!"

Anya didn't say anything "please Anu!for our families sake, please!" Siya broke down into tears once again. 

Before Anya could speak, the door opened and Minakshi came out followed by her son. "He's ready to marry your niece"she told Siya. Both sisters looked at Anya, to see her reaction. "I'm ready"she sighed finally. 

Sudha hugged her daughter, "I'm so proud of you beta"she said. Anya didn't reply, "why don't we let the children speak? They might want to know each other" Siya said, gesturing towards Anya and Nikhil. 

"Oh that's okay! I don't mind waiting till marriage tomorrow"Nikhil smiled "let's go mom!"he motioned her to follow him as they left.


"He didn't even want to talk to me!" Anya told her mother that night "we hardly know each other, at least he could have spoken something!" 

Sudha stroked her head "I totally feel him, he's trying to forget what happened, give him some time". 

Anya nodded, feeling sympathetic to him, "I never realized that!" Sudha hugged her "make him happy, his family too!"

"I'm scared mama!what if they don't like me?" Sudha laughed "that's not possible, there isn't a single soul who doesn't like my daughter!"she kissed her forehead "I'm very sure they'll love you" 

Anya forced a smile, she wondered what was in store for her.





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