Not So Sweet

They met under unusual circumstances. She loved him whereas he loved another. How could she make him fall for her?


Author's note

Simple soul with a thirst for writing stories

7. 6.

Anya felt her whole body go numb as she stared at his mother blankly, Sudha looked equally blank as her "that's not possible!"she almost yelled before anyone else could speak.

Minakshi approached her, "it's a matter of saving our families from disgrace, do you really want people to shame you?I can't afford to have my son mocked at!" No one replied to this, Anya clenched her fist, "ma!"everyone turned to Nikhil, "I'm not marrying her!"he glanced at Anya briefly. 

Anya looked at him, she felt bad for him for being victim of the situation, just like her. "He's right!"she spoke up for the first time "we can't do that!"

Minakshi ignored her "I want to talk to my son"she said sharply, "alone!" Everyone else walked out of the room slowly. 

"What's wrong with you maa?have you gone mad?" Nikhil yelled at her, "I'm not getting myself into this mess!" She took a deep breath "I know beta! It's all my fault"she patted his back "I'll never do anything to jeopardize your life!"

He stared at her, "aren't you doing it now?by asking me to marry a complete stranger?that too, sister of the girl who betrayed me!" His eyes flashed with anger.

"I know"she shook her head, "trust me! I don't want this as much as you do, but I'm only trying to protect our reputation, I don't want my son to be rebuked"she looked at him firmly, "that's why you'll marry her and then leave her after sometime, when the scandal dies down!"

He was stunned, "you want me to divorce her?" She nodded, "we'll teach them a lesson, they have betrayed us, now it's our turn!"

Nikhil stood there, ccomprehendic what to do. Part of him didn't want to get into all this, but then he thought of Riya, what she had done to him, to his parents. His mind was made up, "I'm ready!"he said, determination in his voice.


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