Not So Sweet

They met under unusual circumstances. She loved him whereas he loved another. How could she make him fall for her?


Author's note

Simple soul with a thirst for writing stories

6. 5.

Minakshi looked tense, she looked at her son "your in-laws called, they want to meet us now!"she said, worried. Nikhil looked at his cousin "er..I'll see if the chairs and tables are set properly" Sumit said, leaving them alone. 

Nikhil turned to his mother, "what happened? Why are they calling us now?" She shook his head, "your dad's getting ready, we must go" she said. 

"But what about here? What are we going to tell the guests?" Nikhil was irritated. "Your uncles will manage. Let's go soon"she almost dragged him. 

No one spoke a word till they reached the house. There was no usual celebration. Instead, the house looked devoid of people. "Hope everything's okay" Nikhil muttered as they entered inside.

Siya welcomed them, "please come in Bhai Saab" she invited them in. "What's the urgency? Why did you call us?is everything ok?" Minakshi asked, concerned. 

Siya looked at her husband, probably waiting for him to speak up. He wiped his forehead , "something terrible has happened"he whispered. 

"As in?" Nikhil's father Prakash asked, looking at him. There was a moment of silence before he replied "our daughter has run away, she's missing!" 

Nikhil blinked if he had heard correct "what...whwhat are you talking about?... She can't have.." he couldn't go on. His insides were churning away. 

His parents were mortified. "That can't be!how can you be so sure?" Siya burst into tears "she has sent a text message"she showed it to Minakshi.

'Im sorry Mama, I can't do this!don't find me' it said. Minakshi glanced at her husband, even he had a blank expression on his face. "Is this some kind of a joke?"she turned to Siya, "are you trying to fool us?"

Siya bent her head in shame, "I'm sorry! Very sorry that this had to happen, we could never have guessed she would do this to us!"she said, sniffling softly, "I know nothing can cover your loss, I'm so ashamed to even say anything else!"

"Do you have any idea how ugly this is? If your daughter had little bit of decensy to tell us she wasn't interested in marriage, this never would have happened!"Minakshi growled "you have no right to destroy my son's life!"

Nikhil wasn't listening, his mind drifted to their engagement, how happy they were! He would never have guessed things would change so drastically. 

"Ma!"he spoke after sometime, "let's go!it's time we tell everyone what happened". He was distraught, there was nothing he could do about it. 

"I'm not telling anyone!" Minakshi was on the verge of tears, "we've invited tthousand of people, I can't afford to lose our reputation!" Siya and Rajesh had their hands folded, "please forgive us, for putting you in this position!"

"No!for my son's sake, I can't!" Minakshi snapped. Just then, Sudha joined them, followed by Anya. "Didi!"she whispered, "the caterers are here!" Rajesh nodded, "I'll talk to them!"

Minakshi looked at Sudha, then her attention turned to Anya, "who's she?"she asked Siya. "That's my sister Sudha's daughter Anya" Siya said softly.

Minakshi thought for sometime, "we're not cancelling the wedding!" Everyone looked surprised, "what... what are you talking about?" Prakash asked his wife. 

"The wedding will go on, as planned" Minakshi looked sharply at Anya when she said, "my son will marry her!" 







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