Not So Sweet

They met under unusual circumstances. She loved him whereas he loved another. How could she make him fall for her?


Author's note

Simple soul with a thirst for writing stories

5. 4.

"I swear badi maa! I don't know where she is!" Anya was surrounded by her aunt and uncle,her mother was glaring at her daughter, "this is not a joke Anu! Just tell us where she is!"Sudha looked angry. 

Tears flooded her eyes, "I swear on God, she lied to me, she said she's going to meet Nikhil! please believe me, why would I lie?" Anya sniffled. She finally realized why Riya was being sweet to her, she was just using her.

Sudha approached her, "she could have told you something"she said, her tone rough. "I knew it!" Sia broke down into tears, "I didn't want to send her!"

"Calm down didi!" Sudha tried to console her "who knows? She might come home!" Rajesh was beyond angry, "she's dead to us, she insulted us after all the freedom we gave to her". 

"Please don't say that bhai saab! I'm sure she might have been stuck somewhere!" Sudha said. Anya was surprised that her mother was still defending Riya in spite of what happened. "It's almost getting dark, sangeeth is about to start! What do we do now?" Siya was panicking. 

"Sudha! Go tend to the guests. We'll be there shortly!"Rajesh told her. Sudha nodded, and after glancing briefly at her daughter she walked out.

There was a moment of silence, Anya looked at her aunt who was shaking her head and worried. She didn't know what to say to her. "I am so sorry badi maa!"she cried. 

Her aunt was too shocked to say anything. Then she approached her niece "you!"she pointed at Anya, "you got us into this mess!" Anya looked at her in disbelief "what...what do you mean?"

"If you wouldn't have gone with her, she would still be here, with us" Siya spat "I'm going to call our future in-laws and you're going to fix this!"she called Nikhil's mother again.


"Man!I hate these things!" Nikhil stared at the turmeric pastes which were kept on the main hall. "You should have thought about it before agreeing for marriage!" Sumit, his cousin said. 

Nikhil laughed, "seriously? What about you and Deepa?a big mistake?" Sumit patted her back, "I was only fulfilling my parents wish"he said crossing his heart. Nikhil rolled his eyes "that's why you were persuing her for two whole years!" 

"Shut up man!" Sumit smacked him, "you're supposed to remove your kurta, haldi ceremony will start anytime now!" Nikhil shook his head, "this is so embarrassing!" They were laughing their heads off when his mother came rushing to him "Nicky! I have to talk to you!"she said. 





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