Not So Sweet

They met under unusual circumstances. She loved him whereas he loved another. How could she make him fall for her?


Author's note

Simple soul with a thirst for writing stories

4. 3.

"Why now?" Siya wasn't pleased to hear that the girls wanted to go to the parlor now, when the mehandi ceremony was just in the evening.

"Please mama!I'm not happy with my eyebrows. Just a little bit work needed, please!" Riya begged innocently. "Is it really needed Anu?" Siya asked her neice. Anya knew it was downright lying but she gave in anyway, "she's right badi maa! It looks weird"she smiled "we'll come soon, don't worry".

"Let them go didi!" Sudha told her sister, after a while Siya finally agreed, "guests will start pouring in, I want you to reach within an hour!"she demanded. 

"Thanks Mama!" Riya hugged her and winked at Anya, "let's go get ready". After sometime, they got ready and walked to where Riya's car was parked. 

"How long will you be gone?" Anya asked her, on the way. "Just a little while, don't worry"Riya looked happy. They reached the shopping mall, Riya parked her car in the parking lot. 

They walked near the entrance, "you know what Anu? Why don't you go to the parlor and get some facial done? This way we wouldn't be lying entirely!" Riya chuckled. 

"But I don't need facial!" Anya said, perplexed. "Please Anu! Consider this my wedding treat!" Riya held her hand and led her to the salon. 

Anya was pleased but a little surprised at her cousin's behavior, she couldn't help but wonder what happened to her. But the thoughts trailed away as she entered the salon. It was huge,unlike the cheap salons where she went back home. 

Let me enjoy while it lasts, she thought. After getting fruit facial and hair spa done, Anya checked herself in the mirror. Wow! Her face looked slightly different now, she thought beaming. 

She hoped Riya was done with her meeting with Nikhil, her fiancee. She waited for sometime for her cousin to come back. It was almost an hour but Riya was nowhere to be seen. 

Panicked, Anya dialled her number. It was switched off, much to her annoyance. She tried again and again but in vain. She decided to wait for a little more time. 

Three more hours passed and there was no sign of her. Was this some kind of a joke? Anya could only wonder. After thinking a lot, she decided to go home and tell the elders. Riya had really crossed her limits.

She reached home, taking a taxi. Just like her aunt said, guests had already started coming in. "Thank God you guys came!" Siya saw her, "where's your stupid sister?tell her to get ready". 

Fear crept on her, "badi maa! Riya hasn't come back"she whispered. Siya looked at her, stunned and slowly pulled her to an empty room. 

"What do you mean?"she asked. Anya narrated her everything, when she was done Siya had a shocked expression, "she went to meet Nikhil?"she was furious, "let me call his mother and ask"she took out her phone. Anya had her head bent down.

Anya couldn't hear clearly what she was speaking, after a while Siya walked back to her and Anya hadn't seen her aunt look more furious. 

"I just spoke to his mom, she says Nikhil is with them, getting the preparations done"she glared at her neice, "she says he never left the house!"

Anya felt the earth rotating beneath her feet. "Tell me the truth Anu!wheres my daughter?" 




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