Not So Sweet

They met under unusual circumstances. She loved him whereas he loved another. How could she make him fall for her?


Author's note

Simple soul with a thirst for writing stories

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 "Oh my! Look at you!" Siya exclaimed, looking at her neice "you've become pretty". Anya smiled, hugging her "you're just being sweet!" Sudha kept their luggage in the room, "I'm so exhausted Didi"she said stretching her legs on the bed, "how's wedding preparations going on?"

"Oh you know my daughter!after shopping for almost six months, she still feels something's not done!" Siya shook her head, "I'm tired of her dramas!" 

Sudha laughed, "I can totally understand!" Anya came inside the room just then, "so Anu! How's studies going on?"she asked her neice. Anya avoided looking at her mother when she answered "I'm done with studies badi maa! I'm working as an assistant clerk in a college". 

"What?" Siya looked surprised "but you wanted to major in psychology right?" Anya almost opened her mouth to speak when her mother interfered "I'm planning on getting her married!"she said sternly "she's studied enough!"

"Come on Didi! You must let her decide!" Siya said, coaxing her sister, "if she wants to study then you mustn't stop her". Sudha didn't reply and the argument was closed. 

"I'll convince her don't worry!" Siya told her neice once Sudha was out of earshot, Anya hugged her "really badi maa?" 

"Of course, now go call your cousin for dinner, we're waiting" she said. Anya went to her cousin's room, when she heard noises, it sounded like she was arguing with someone, probably her fiancee, she thought as she knocked on the door. 

"I told you I was busy Nicky!stop being so over demanding!" Riya was yelling. Anya knocked again, a little louder. "What the hell Anu!can't you see I'm on the phone?"she growled. "Badi maa's calling you for dinner"Anya said, slightly irritated. 

"Fine!just go" Riya retorted, going back to her phone, "yeah sweetheart tell me"she was speaking. Anya walked out of the room but not before she heard Riya say "oh that's my annoying cousin". 

Anya  ignored her, like she always did. It didn't come as a surprise that Riya looked down upon her cousin. At dinner table, everyone were chatting excitedly, except Anya who was least interested in the conversation. 

"Where are you going on your honeymoon?" Sudha asked an excited Riya, "don't know aunty! Nicky said it's a surprise but I think it's Paris for sure!" Riya beamed.

"Aww!that's sweet of him!" Sudha squealed and Anya could only wonder if she was pretending. "Did you hear that? Paris!" Sudha whispered to her daughter "I'm not deaf" Anya said blandly. 

"Grooms family is coming tomorrow for the mehandi ceremony" Siya said, "what are you wearing Anu?" Riya asked, her gaze fixed on her cousin.

"It's a surprise!" Anya gave a fake smile, she definitely didn't want her cousin to criticize her, especially now. "Hope it's not simple!" Riya giggled. "Oh it's not! I selected the dress for her" Sudha beamed, much to Anya's frustration. 

"Oh thank God!" Riya smiled again. Anya got up, "hey finish your lunch!" Sudha called back. She ignored her mother and walked back to her room. 

"Why did you leave the food halfway through?" Sudha came in to the room, "I lost my appetite"Anya muttered. "We were pulling your leg!" Sudha tried to cheer her up. 

"Really?" Anya made a face, "because it sounded like a clear cut insult to me". Sudha stroked her hair, "you're imagining things".

"Mama! I want to go home"she said, her eyes welling up "we're not welcome here!" Sudha stared at her, "nonsense! That's not true"she smiled "fine! we'll leave once the wedding rituals are complete!" 

Anya hugged her, relieved. She couldn't wait to get back home,back to her monotonous life. 


She was reading a book when her cousin walked in "which book is that?"she asked, sitting on the corner of the bed. "Persuasion" Anya replied without looking at her. "I'm sorry if I said something nasty" Riya said, her voice low. 

"What do you want?" Anya asked, closing the book. "I came to apologise, I know you don't like jokes and all"Riya frowned. 

"You're insulting me again" Anya couldn't help but smile "I need your help Anu!"Riya looked worried. "I have to meet Nikhil tomorrow"she said, referring to her fiancee. 

Anya almost jumped "what? are you crazy? tomorrow's your mehandi!"she yelled. "I know but Nicky wants to see me before we get married"Riya smiled "please Anu! Help me out here!"

Anya bit her lip, she couldn't get into this mess, "I can't Riya! It's too dangerous, if our parents get to know, they'll .."

Riya stopped her, "we'll tell them we're going to the parlor" she held her hand "please Anu! Please"she begged. 

Anya sighed "alright" she said. Riya hugged her, "thanks sis!" A twisted smile played on her lips, when she thought about the plan. 




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