Not So Sweet

They met under unusual circumstances. She loved him whereas he loved another. How could she make him fall for her?


Author's note

Simple soul with a thirst for writing stories

12. 11.

Anya sat on the large swing, thinking about what had happened last night. She had never opened up about her father in a long time except Nikhil, she wondered why.

When he held her in his arms, she somehow felt safe and secure. She wanted to hold him for some more time; actually she never wanted to let go. 

But he had, "it's late, we"he said, pulling away from her. But he was nice to her, and she didn't want to break the peaceful moment. 

"There you are!" Naina approached her "Mama's been calling you, can't you hear?" Anya broke from her reverie, "huh?I didn't notice"she said, getting up. 

"No sit down!" Naina said, suddenly sounding sweet. Anya stared at her, "I'm sorry I wasn't exactly my charming self"Naina smiled "given the circumstances, it was only fair". 

Anya smiled back, atleat she had someone nice on her side. Her mother in law already spoke to her "I don't blame anyone here, but I'm not at fault too" she said, frowning. 

"I realize that now!"Naina sighed "so what exactly happened?where's Riya?is she okay?"she asked in a concerned tone. Anya shook her head "I don't know, she never told anyone, I just hope she's fine". 

Naina nodded, "I still can't believe she escaped with a room full of people!that needs guts"she said. "She didn't elope from home, she lied to me and our parents" Anya said, narrating the incident that happened. 

When she was done, Naina looked surprised "really?poor you!"she patted her shoulder. Anya smiled, "we should go, maa will be waiting". 

Minakshi was reading a magazine when Anya walked in the living room, "did you call me maa? Anya asked politely. 

"Adarsh is hosting a party tonight at his place"she said, referring to her younger brother "since Prakash and I have to attend a charity event, we won't be going, I told you'll go, with Nikhil. Naina will join you of course". 

Anya nodded, feeling anxious;she hadn't been to a party before. She wondered how she'll manage "wear something nice, you do have a good outfit don't you?" Minakshi looked at her.

Anya gave a small nod, "good! I've already called Nikhil and told him, he said he'll come a little early, be ready then" Minakshi ordered. 

When Nikhil came home, he couldn't find her in their bedroom, he wondered where she was. He removed his tie and coat, keeping it on the nearby stand. 

"You came!"a sweet voice said and he turned around, stifling a gasp. She was wearing a black saree, which suited perfectly for her, she wasn't wearing any jewelery, which made her all the more beautiful. He found it difficult to take his eyes off her.

She looked at him, staring at her " said I should be ready when you come so that we won't be late"she explained, misjudging his stare. He smiled, which made her blush "I know! I'm happy that you're ready, some ladies take forever, like my mom and sis"he said as she gave him his towel. 

"Well I'm always ready, mama says I've always been like this"she said, in a childlike excitement. He took out a blue shirt from the wardrobe, "good for you"he said, amused.

She smiled, and looking at the mirror, she wore the ear rings, as he kept looking at her. She saw him "you're staring at me!"she said, giggling. He moved closer to her, "you look beautiful"he said.

She felt her cheeks go warm, butterflies filling her stomach, "we'll be late"she said, her eyes fixed on him. Since last night, they have been comfortable around each other. 

He nodded and slipped inside the bathroom. He came after sometime to see her all waiting for him. "Let's go"he said, wearing his navy blue blazer. She nodded, her heart leaping at the sight of him. 

On the way, Naina noticed that they were talking to each other freely. He was smiling at whatever Anya was saying, she couldn't help but wonder at the sutble change in her brother. 

They passed a building which was under construction, he slowed down "Anya!can you see that building over there?"he pointed out to her. She looked at it, "that's our new project, a luxury hotel"he beamed. 

"Wow!that's great!"she exclaimed happily "I hope it becomes a huge success!" He nodded "thanks". Naina rolled her eyes, she couldn't take it anymore. But she had planned it all, she thought slightly smirking. 

They reached his uncle's house, it was huge like mansion, Anya observed as they got down. There were not many people, she saw as they walked into the giant hallway. 

Only family members were there, she thought as his uncle came to her, "welcome beta!"he smiled at her. She liked him immediately, his wife Kavita joined them, "it's nice to have you here"she said, in an unfriendly tone. She doesn't like me, Anya assumed. 

But Nikhil's cousins were sweet she thought as they came to her and spoke politely. "Bhabi!hope you recognize us from the wedding" a girl said. Anya shook her head in embarrassment, "I'm sorry". They laughed, "I'm Shruti, this is Payal and Mona". Anya greeted them, and soon few more people joined the crowd. 

Nikhil was busy with his own crowd of people when Naina joined him "look at her"she said pointing at his wife. He smiled "she seems to be enjoying herself". 

Naina shrugged "she acts so innocent, after doing everything". Nikhil stared at her "what do you mean?" 

Naina raised an eyebrow "I thought she told you, now that you guys are close". He looked curious "what did she do?"he asked again. 

Naina sighed "actually she confessed to me this morning"she looked around and whispered "Anya helped Riya escape, she knew about the whole eloping thing". 

"What!?" Nikhil almost yelled "yeah!and she gave her the idea, and she decided to be a bride in her place so that she can get married to a rich guy". 

Nikhil felt sick to his stomach, how dare she! He couldn't believe it. 

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