Not So Sweet

They met under unusual circumstances. She loved him whereas he loved another. How could she make him fall for her?


Author's note

Simple soul with a thirst for writing stories

11. 10

"You didn't know about the hygiene inspection?" Nikhil asked his general manager Mr Devraj "why the hell are reports not ready?"

The GM looked at him, pale faced " were busy with the wedding,I thought you must have postponed it.. I.." Nikhil cut him halfway through "were you getting married as well?"

The man shook his head in embarrassment, "I'll make sure they're ready, give me a day". Nikhil sighed "fine!I'm...sorry for the outburst"he apologized. Of course his staffs wouldn't know he was going to join for work the next day of his marriage. 

The gm smiled, "it's okay Sir!"he walked out of the office. Nikhil leaned back in his chair, scratching his hair. 

"Didn't expect you to be here today!" Sumit chuckled, walking in "uncle asked me to check your appointments in case you're awol!"

"I.. there's an inspection tomorrow, I've to be prepared" Nikhil sighed in frustration. Sumit sat opposite to him, "okay!let it out Nick!"

Nihil got up, and walked closer to his cousin "I can't do this man!it's killing me!" Sumit took a sip of water, "what?the meeting?"

"No you moron! my marriage!" Nikhil glared at him "I can't pretend everything's fine and go with it!" Sumit patted his back "I can understand what you're going through, just give it some time". 

Nihil shook his head, "I can't even look at her, she reminds of me of..."he looked away "her cousin!"

"I know it's difficult in the beginning, but you need to get to know her, I've seen her man! I don't think she's like Riya!" Sumit looked at him, "give each other a chance!"

Nikhil avoided telling him what his mother had planned, few more months and he'll get rid of her. Till then, he had to be patient. "Yeah!I guess I should"he smiled, "anyway, we have to go to the Oceanside, check on the reservations"he said, referring to their other hotel, "let's go!"


When he reached home, it was almost nine. He came to his room, to see her cleaning the wardrobe. She didn't seem to notice him, as she kept folding her clothes neatly. 

He stood for sometime observing her. He liked the way she was concentrated in her task, "what are you doing?"he asked, even though he could see what she was doing.

She turned around abruptly at the sound of his voice "I...was keeping my clothes in the wardrobe, you don't mind if I use yours?"she said softly. He sat on the bed and removed his tie "just don't mess up my things"he said, unbuttoning his shirt. 

She nodded, and went back to her task. He waited for her to say something and when she didn't, he decided to make a small talk. "What's your major by the way?"he asked, not ready to talk about anything else. This sounded like a safe topic.

She stopped folding the clothes, "excuse me?"she said politely. "What did you major in college?"he asked, removing his shirt.

She turned away, embarrassed, he couldn't help but smile at that "I never went to college"she whispered. 

His eyes widened, "you... didn't graduate?"he couldn't believe it. "No!just the pre degree"she said, nodding slowly. He came closer to her, "why couldn't you?he asked, she didn't look the type who would fail or not interested in studies.

"I thought I didn't exist"she muttered, and he let out a laugh, "until now"he said. She looked at him and smiled brightly, he walked closer to her. 

"I wanted to study"she said, bending her head, shyly. He realized he wasn't wearing a shirt and wrapped a towel around his neck, "and?"he waited. 

"I passed with good grades, I even had admission letter in my hand"she sighed "my father had a heart problem and needed a pacemaker"her eyes clouded suddenly with tears, he saw. 

"So I discontinued my studies to be with him, as lots of money was spent on his treatment. After few months, he passed away"her voice broke. 

Nikhil didn't know what to do, "Anya!"he whispered, finally touching her hand, it was cold he thought as he pulled her close "it's okay"he held her in his arms "I'm sorry for bringing that up". 

She snuggled closer to him, her head pressed against his chest "it's okay"she said "we never talk about him anymore, I don't want to forget him!"she said, in a low tone. 

"You won't, okay?"he stroked her hair. "Thanks for talking"she said, breathing heavily. He smiled, she needed it "you're welcome"he said, hugging her warmly. 


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