Not So Sweet

They met under unusual circumstances. She loved him whereas he loved another. How could she make him fall for her?


Author's note

Simple soul with a thirst for writing stories

2. 1.


The graduation ceremony was a small affair, with few students in their black coats, and a cap running around excitedly. Anya watched as the students took selfies, giggling crazily and showing their proud parents what they had achieved. 

"Are you done watching?" Shivani asked, twisting a strand of her hair. Anya straightened herself, "I'm sorry...I was..just" Shivani waved her off "go to the staff room and finish the work I gave you"

Anya nodded, going back to her work. 

Back home, she was still thinking about it, "mama!the psychology students graduated today"she said in an excited voice. 

Sudha didn't look up at her daughter, "that's great"she said blandly. "I wish I could study further"Anya let her voice trail away.

"We've talked about this a hundred times, we can't afford it" her mother glared at her "your father's pension is just enough to get us run the household and your salary"she let out a cough "don't even get me started on that!"

Anya ignored her mother's sarcasm, she knew her mother never approved of her working, but she didn't mind. 

"One day I will!"she said, "you'll see". Sudha stared at her "oh I'll see!"she gave a false smile "you getting married and my responsibility will be done!"

Anya laughed "desperate to get rid of me huh?" Sudha shook her head, "did you ask for a week's leave?"she asked instead. 

"Yeah!"Anya frowned, "do we really have to go there?" Sudha beamed "Siya will be waiting for us!"she said, mentioning her only sister whom they visited occasionally.

"Why don't you tell them I have lots of work pending?" Anya said, pulling her hair into a bun. "I don't have time for your drama Anu!now go pack your things!" Sudha chided. 

Anya had no choice;it was her cousin's wedding! She didn't mind her aunt; aunt Siya was the sweetest, even uncle Rajesh. But not their daughter Riya; Anya was least fond of her and the feeling was mutual. 

It wasn't like that in the beginning, they were like best friends during childhood, but once they shifted away from them. Anya knew it was because of their financial condition, but never could she dream that her cousin would discriminate her. Not that Riya insulted her in public, but the words hurt.

"Wow Anu! you look gorgeous!"she once exclaimed when Anya had gone to stay with them, "is that dress really expensive?" It took a lot of patience for Anya to keep a straight face "I don't know!mama bought it for me"she said. 

"It's okay, she's your cousin, she might have joked. Don't take it personally"her mother had defended Riya when she told her about it. 

Anya knew better than to argue with her; Riya was a lucky star in their family. She was a perfect girl who never made mistakes but Anya knew it was all a facade, obviously she wouldn't point that out. 

"Are you still daydreaming?"Sudha scolded her "go get ready fast, we'll miss the bus!"

Anya nodded, going to her room to pack. There were many times when she wished her father was alive;her mother wouldn't have to boss her around like a kid. 

After sometime, she came out with her bags packed, "I'm ready"she announced. Sudha looked at her, Anya knew she was displeased, "you're wearing that?"she asked, pointing at her blue khadi kurti, "wear a salwar for God's sake!"

"We're traveling!"Anya blinked, "it's comfortable". Sudha glared at her "do as I say Anu!" 

"Fine!" Anya blurted "why don't you select the dress for me? It's not like you'll like what I wear". Sudha sighed "you know I'm only doing this for your own good". Anya blinked back the tears, "no I don't know! And I don't want to know!"she rushed to her room, just hoping that a miracle would happen, that her life would change. 

It did, but in a way she would never had imagined. 

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