Alone A novel

Mars 3,450 AD.

When David Shaffer arrives on the Red Planet of Mars, he attempts to find out the truth about a lost American astronaut who has vanished.


2. Alone-Part Two



David Shaffer entered the Illuminated Shield Display, (or ISD), icy door. The cold weather caused him to freeze; the weather was minus 31 degrees. He gripped onto the old ladder with his right hand. Seconds passed. Then, as he reached the top, he saw the words: ​THE ISOLATION ZONE ROOM​ written in bold letters. He pressed the left button of his white helmet. There was a whooshing noise. David took off his helmet. When he breathed in the oxygen, he relaxed for the first time during the Mars mission.


Danielle Ford opened the Shifting Door. "Take me to the Waterfalls", she told the Advanced Technical Computer; she waited for it to speak. "You're alone on Mars", it said. She blinked. "I know that", she sighed. The imminent catastrophe had eluded her, as she drank the clear water.


David was frustrated. He hadn't remembered the other fugue states. He cast aside any notion of dreams. He arrived at the Isolation Room knowing that he would sleep peacefully. He looked at the silver chamber. "Computer, open the door", he commanded. There was a slight ten second delay. Suddenly, as he went inside, the door locked behind him...and the darkness consumed him.


Danielle finished drinking.

"Andrew Gorman is expecting you", Cy Richardson said.

"Is he alone?", Danielle asked him.

"No. He wants you to take care of the Billings situation", Cy stated.

"Joel Billings is the new President of Alone Corporation​. It's a new way forward on Mars", Danielle said. She left the waterfall, and walked towards the waiting car, that took her to the middle of the Red Planet.


David entered the Mars Office through the double doors.

"Cy, it's good to see you", he said.

"I was concerned you wouldn't make it to Mars".

"I worked on Earth as an Space Administration Officer in Washington, DC. Then the Mars job was too good to refuse".

"And now you want to oversee the Mars Exploration Zones".

"Yes, on a four million dollar contract". Cy nodded.

"Hal Fletcher, III, the owner of Mars, is meeting me at five o'clock PM". 

"Hal is two hundred year's old", Cy said.

"I'm fifty year's old", David grinned.

"On Mars, everyone is getting older", Cy sipped his coffee.

"How is Danielle doing? She was at the waterfall, I hear", David sat on his comfortable black, leather, chair. Cy waited.

"If you live and work here, there's the Anti-Aging Gene Laboratory nearby".

"I hear Professor Edward Jones, II, is three hundred year's old".

"And counting".

"I'll have to leave now, Cy. It's good to meet you again. Good-bye!".



Hal pressed the red light with his right glove. 

The robot scanned his hazel eyes.

"​You can enter the room​", it said.

He walked towards the Anti-Aging Gene Laboratory. He pressed the black light with his black gloved hand. He heard the sound of a whooshing sound. Then, as it opened, he saw several guards eating their hamburgers. "Good evening, Hal", Ryan Cross, the lead guard, said.

"Good evening. Where's Tanya Robertson?".

"She's in the Anti-Aging Treatment Room".

"Is she alone?".


"Well, I don't want to bother her", Hal walked along the red carpet. He turned around. Then he stopped near his old office, and opened the key. When he went in, he flicked on the bright light. He sat down on his seat, and worked until Midnight.

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