Alone A novel

Mars 3,450 AD.

When David Shaffer arrives on the Red Planet of Mars, he attempts to find out the truth about a lost American astronaut who has vanished.


1. Alone-Part One


​Campbell Ray James, III, an American astronaut from Miami, Florida, shifted uncomfortably in the darkness of Outer Space. He swirled around in the deep recesses of the holding structure; he focused his attention on the series of commands that were on the Advanced Technical Computer, (or the ATC); he blinked his hazel eyes while he saw The Red Planet on the huge screen. "I am alone in the Universe, Status One, can you tell me where Mars is?", he asked it. "Two million miles", Status One stated. "How can I get there under a day?", Campbell asked. "There's no way forward to get there; there's just asteroids", it answered. Campbell sighed. "Then I am alone in the Universe; alone...and without any kind of communication with Base Control". Status One spoke in a Digitalized Voice Recognition Software Program, (or DVRSP): "Base Control has other important matters to attend to, Campbell". He frowned. He sighed, and resumed his duties without causing a fuss.

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