The Body

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Author's note

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6. Shadows

The shadows kept creeping up on us and we took in who they were. I knew immediately, it was the Mexican Mafia. They had set the body up as a trap, it was used to lure people in. Someone who seemed to be the leader came up to us, he had a scar that went right down his face, through his eye. He looked a very dangerous man and if he wanted something, he would get it. My wife said to me, '' I'm calling the police! '', I said do not! We'll get ourselves killed! Plus, these idiots work with the police! The leader of the gang said to me, bring $100,000 by tomorrow and your wife is safe, if not, she takes a bullet to the head. I felt a sense of anger inside me, but I had to do what he said. For the future of my family.

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