A Friends Co-worker

Mature Content. A friend brings his co-worker to my party, he thinks we’ll get along and we do.


2. Part 2 – Getting Hooked on Me

 Had a party at my place a while ago, just some friends and family. Before the party started, a friend of mine calls and wanted to bring a co-worker of his (Kyle) and he said that I’d like him. Well I did like him, quite a bit! He’s most of all just a super nice guy but, that fuck’en perfect body of his, he’s cute, skinny and a tight ass! (but still super nice) He’s got long black hair that sometimes hangs over his eyes and a face you just want to kiss.

 He had just lost his boyfriend and after telling me about it after that party, I went ahead and invited him to stay a while. (In part 1) That Sunday after the party, I did tell him that I try not to get too hooked on one guy and that I’ve had bad luck with that in the past. With Kyle just losing his boyfriend, he just sort of agreed with me and then we had a pretty good time that weekend.

 Then that next Monday morning, we both had something to eat and we needed to head to school and our part-time jobs. I did say we could both take my pick-up but, Kyle said he’d use his motorcycle, he needs to stop by his parents’ house to let them know where he’s staying. “I was with them a while Jon, then with that friend of ours and now with you. I just got to let them know what’s going on!” He told me this and then we both headed out.

 I do admit I did think about Kyle most of that day, at school and at work. It worried me some… I don’t often think about one person so much. Then that afternoon, I got home and see Kyle’s motorcycle in the garage. I headed on in and there’s Kyle, standing in my kitchen, his hair all wet and him just in a towel. He smiles and said; “How was work and school today Jon?” I didn’t answer right away, I was just looking at that boy’s perfect body, wow! I then said; “Good, good, how was your day?” “Excellent Jon!” He said back with a big smile. He then went into my bedroom and put on my sweatpants and nothing else.

 We then just sat around in the kitchen, talked and had some supper. Me still looking at that guys abs, chest and face. We then sat down in the living room, we talked and watched some TV. Me in my old recliner chair and him over on the couch. “Something wrong Kyle? You’re just looking at me.” I asked. He then said; “Jon I’ve just been thinking about you all day.” He then just winked at me and got up off the couch with a smile. He came over, knelt down in front of me and undid my shorts and looked me in the eyes and just asked; “OK?”

 I then quietly said back; “Your kind of horny too, hey man? Let’s go for it.” I leaned back in the easy-chair, as Kyle pulled hard on my shorts and underwear. My hard-on then just jumps out at him, he then slowly pulled my shorts the rest of the way and off, as I pulled off my shirt. Kyle then started licking the tip of my cock like a lollipop. Him smiling and looking me in the eyes as he did it. “I’ve looked forward to this all-day Jon.” He said as he then took the rest of my cock down into his mouth and throat. He then started sucking me faster and faster, turning his head side to side as he did it. I just played with that boys’ soft black hair as he worked harder and faster on my cock. Sometimes letting my cock jump out of his mouth and he then would go back to licking it like lollipop.

 “Your awesome man… here it comes!” I said, as I then lost it into his mouth, him smiling up at me with the cum dripping from his mouth. He then continued sucking and smiling up at me, till I finally started to go-soft. (Not easy to go-soft with that boy working on you) 😊

 Me still in my easy-chair, I see Kyle get up from his knees, his hard-on pushing out on my sweatpants he had on. He then lets those sweatpants drop to the floor, he then just stood there smiling at me. He stroked his rock-hard cock and looked me in the eyes. I pull my legs up then with my hands and said; “Want to just stick it in me?” Him still stroking his hard cock, he rubbed his nose and said; “Can I Jon?” Him looking at my face and then at my ass-hole. “Let’s do it, I’ll show you.” I said.

 “I’ve thought about this a lot Jon. My old boyfriend sometimes fucks me up the ass but, never let me do it to him.” He said, so I then just said; “There’s some lube in the bedroom.” It was fun then just to watch Kyle run into the bedroom and back with that rock-hard pecked of his bouncing up and down. 😉 As he lubed himself up some, I said; “Take your time now boy, especially with that nice long cock of yours.” He finished lubing up his cock and then bent over and licked my hole some and stood back up and smiled at me. He then put a little lube on me and asked if I was ready.

 With Kyle standing there, then put his hands on the recliner arms, leaned forward and started to insert his nice throbbing cock into me. As he slowly pushed it in and smiled oddly at me, I then tried to relax, to make it smoother for us both. He then slowly pushes it all the way in and stopped. He leaned forward some and said; “Thanks Jon.” And gave me a long kiss. After that, he went kind of wild, pumping his cock in and out of me, faster and faster and that only took a few more pumps and he lost it. He then slowly pulled himself out of me and let his cum drip onto my balls. He then leans forward and licked the cum from my balls, then came up and kissed me again. With the flavor of his cum still in his mouth. “Did you enjoy it man?” I asked and he then said; “Only if you liked it Jon.” I just laughed and said back; “I loved it man! We’re here to please each other. That’s the rule!” Kyle then just smiled and pulled me up out of my chair.

 We held hands and walked to the bathroom. I then told him how I should get cleaned before bedtime. I jumped in the shower as Kyle just sat on the toilet seat and we talked. Kyle mainly talked about him living there with me and how he hopes it can last a while. As I then got out and got dried off, I needed to remind him how I do enjoy it all but, it can’t last forever. He then got quiet, as I put my arm around him and lead him into the bedroom. We laid there awhile, Kyle’s head on my tummy and us both listening to tunes from my smartphone. Then out of the blue he said; “I can stay here a little while longer can’t I Jon?” As he looks up at me with those cute, boy-like eyes. “Sure, I guess-so” I said, as he then strokes the bulge in my underwear.

 “Thanks Jon” He said, then yanked my underwear down and stated to lick my soft cock, smiling up at me. We soon were in the 69 position and took our time sucking one another off. After that, we were asleep in each other’s arms. Me then dreaming about the two of us living together a while and then Kyle just disappearing. That dream made me think a lot the next day. I do have friends that will just stop in sometimes and we’ll just go at it together. Now with Kyle there living with me. Will I lose some friends or just lose Kyle? Mm.

End of Part 2    

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