A Friends Co-worker

Mature Content. A friend brings his co-worker to my party, he thinks we’ll get along and we do.


1. Part 1 - I Meet a Lonely Boy

 Had a party at my place last summer, just some friends and family. We just hung out, mainly in my little garage, drank beer and bullshitted. Before the party started, a friend of mine calls and wants to bring a co-worker of his and said that I’d like him. I just said; “Sure, no big deal” Then later, most everybody showed up and we all had a pretty good time.

 It was about 1 am or so, I’m standing in my garage with an empty beer in my hand, waving goodbye to the last car leaving the driveway. Then I notice a small Honda motorcycle still sitting in my driveway and thought. “Oh, well, they’ll pick it up tomorrow”  

 I headed into the house and there sitting on the couch, it’s my friend’s co-worker “Kyle”. Him just sitting there, head back, mouth open and fast asleep. I just stood there a minute just staring at him. I must say he was fuck’en good looking. I shake him a little and told him; “It’s getting kind of late. You can hang out here a while if you want too, till you wake up anyway.” He just nods and smiles.

 I started then picking-up stuff from the party and the two of us started to bullshit, about having my friends over and stuff. He then thanks me for letting him join in and hang out with us. (He then tells me something surprising). He tells me about the boyfriend he used to have and how he’s been so board lately since they split up. He then just stopped talking, I think he got kind of upset talking about it, so I then just told him “Don’t worry, shit always gets better.”

 Then he asked (really quietly) “Can I maybe stay here tonight?” With him sort-of rubbing his eyes. Then I said; “If you really want too, I’m not doing anything tomorrow and you can have the couch.” He then said; “Thanks Jon, I’ll pay you back somehow.” Him & I then went outside to put his motorcycle in the garage and cleaned up some of the party trash. He was kind of fun to talk to. He did though go on and on about that old boyfriend of his.

 He then told me how the friend of ours told him that he thinks that I was maybe a guy like him. “Is that possible Jon?” He asked. I said; “I just go with the flow” It’s my standard answer. He then just stood there smiling at me. I then told I was going to take a quick shower and jump in bed, it was then already 2 am. “Sounds like a good plan!” He said, while still smiling at me. I did then think maybe I said something wrong, like I was “hinting” at something? Oh well, it was late.

 I went into the bathroom, turn on the water and started to get undressed. I gave the door just a push, I normally leave that open, me living there alone. I then got in the shower and started to get soaped up when someone says “Jon, do you care if I join you in there? We can save water.” So, I said, “If you really want to?” He then slowly slides the shower curtain to one side and stepped in. I noticed again how super good looking he was, nice abs and pecks. His nice clean long cock, it getting longer and harder every second.

 I then said, “Kyle… you’re a pretty good-looking dude and you already have a hard-on!” With him looking into my eyes, he asked; “Can you help me with it Jon?” So, I smiled, got on my knees there in the shower and started to suck him off. He just stood there and said,” This won’t take long Jon!” And it didn’t, he lost it right away, he starts screaming out and pulling my hair and pulling head toward him. I swear he had enough cum in him to water the garden! 😉

 I was hard as a rock myself by then, and he said, “Let me take care of you now!” So, he just turned around and leaned on the wall and said, “Please Jon, just fuck me?”  I don’t usually do that my first time with someone, but this time I did! With some protection, I first covered him and me with some soap and slowly pushed it in and he just yelled out, “Harder Jon, faster!!” (Luckily this was no apartment with all that yelling at 2 am!) “Harder Jon, harder!” I then myself yelled out “Holy shit” and I lost it. He then slowly pulled me out of him and turned around and washed my cock off and then smiled up at me and put it in his mouth. With him now sucking on it, it took me a while to go soft. Then he stood up and kissed me long and hard.

 We dried one another off and headed for the bedroom. It ended up, he didn’t have to sleep on the couch that night! I woke up that Sunday morning finding him sucking on my cock and smiling at me. I did have a small hang-over from the night before but, it went away quick with Kyle there.  Then we just spent the most of that day in my bed. Us just lying there, with the sun shining in, us bull-shitting and fondling one another.

 That evening, we headed out for a walk and that boy sure was easy to talk to. We talked some about him staying just awhile, till he gets over his boyfriend and also that the two of us should not get to “involved” with one another. Kyle just said; “Jon I learned my lesson, don’t get too hooked on anyone.” But… Just by the way he said it, with him staring down at the ground as we walked along, he made me wonder. 😐

End of Part 1 

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