His Luna

It's 2018, and the world has been exposed to werewolves. Werewolves are not a threat to humans. Bella, a very nice and caring wolf is searching for her mate. She is the daughter of the Blue Moon Pack. The Blood Red Pack is the most feared/worse pack in the United States. The Alpha of the pack, Justin, is very mean and ruthless. He torchers people for fun. Read this story to find out what happens!


5. Debating

I get my family and go up the stairs towards my no-longer bedroom. Once my footsteps in my bedroom, I start sobbing, "This isn't fair!" I scream "WHY THE FUCK DO I HAVE TO LEAVE SO SOON AND HAVE THE BIGGEST DOUCHE OF A BAG MATE!" I continue "THIS IS FUCKING BULLSHIT!" My family just hugs me, trying to calm me down which works.

All of us just get in a hug circle, or whatever you wanna call it. After a while, I HAD to start to pack up my things, and leave my family. After an hour of packing, at wolf speed, everything was pretty much packed the only thing that wasn't was my bathroom shit. So, not wanting to get much of my bathroom stuff, I grab a tiny box and fill it. Now, the worst part is having to say goodbye to my family. I walk down the stairs with a lot of boxes and set them on the floor near the door. 

Soon enough all the boxes are near the door, ready to be put in his car. I'm upset that my party didn't last long and that I didn't get to thank everyone for coming to it. Now, I can't find anyone of my brothers to spend some extra time with. My feet drag me to the closest couch near me. I look on my phone, and saw the time; 10:30.

As soon as my head hits the couch, I'm consumed by the darkness. I was awoken by yelling and crashing. Instantly, I quickly get up and go towards the noises, it soon leads me to my dad's office. I quietly enter, to see my Dad, Adam, and Dylan fighting with Justin. I close the door looking at the mess in front of me. 

There were glasses on the floor, shattered. Multiple dents in the wall, with blood on my mates and dads hands. Justin must have heard me walk in or something because his head snapped towards me. Once Justin snapped his head towards me, so did my dad and brothers. Anger crossed all over their faces, no pissed expressions

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