His Luna

It's 2018, and the world has been exposed to werewolves. Werewolves are not a threat to humans. Bella, a very nice and caring wolf is searching for her mate. She is the daughter of the Blue Moon Pack. The Blood Red Pack is the most feared/worse pack in the United States. The Alpha of the pack, Justin, is very mean and ruthless. He torchers people for fun. Read this story to find out what happens!


3. Before The Party

It's my 18 birthday, which means that everyone that's in the state without a mate will have to go to my birthday party. Now, you're probably wondering, 'Why not in the whole world?' Well, see the moon goddess had it to where everyone has a mate, will find them in their hometown. Now, when wolves turn 18, they will most likely find their mate that night. For the wolves that don't find their mate, means that they have to wait for their mate to turn 18 in order to find them. 

When the day started, it was pretty alright. I was awoken by my brothers making a SHITLOAD of noise while coming in my room. So, I had gotten dressed in a simple black crop top, black jeans, black sneakers, and with light makeup and my hair was put up in a bun. After I was done with getting dressed, I had gone downstairs and ate breakfast with pack members and my family. 

Soon as I was done eating, everyone started with decorating for my birthday. Now, turning 18 for a wolf is so very important for us. I offered to help, but no-one would let me help them. So, I had picked up a little girl that I babysit on my free time and had gone to the mall with her. Her name is Jazzy, and she is in the Blood Red Pack. 

For those of you who don't know, that is the most feared pack ever since her older brother, Justin, had taken over as alpha 2 years ago. The only people that I like from the pack is Jazzy and her brother, Jaxon. And because it was her birthday soon, I was going to buy her some things at Justice. So, we walk hand in hand to Justice while talking about my birthday. 

"So, are you excited for your party tonight, Bella?" Jazzy asks curiously

And honestly, I respond "Um, no, not really I just hope that my mate will be nice to me."

Jazzy says giggling "Jaxon has said that he wants you to be his mate, he is in, like love with you or something." As she shrugs her shoulders

"Well, I don't know if that would happen, sweetie, I'm too old for him," I say because I can feel my mate near me.

We walk into Justice, and Jazzy immediately pulls on my hand to go towards the chapsticks. After a while of being in Justice, Jazzy had only gotten a glass unicorn with some cotton candy chapstick in it. So, we had started to go back towards the black jeep wrangler that I had gotten for my 16 birthday. The ride to Jazzys house was only a few minutes, when I get close to her house I start to get fidgety, my wolf urging me to go in the house, for what she thinks something is wrong. I shake off the feeling, as I pull a little bit into the driveway, letting Jazzy go inside of her house. 

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