His Luna

It's 2018, and the world has been exposed to werewolves. Werewolves are not a threat to humans. Bella, a very nice and caring wolf is searching for her mate. She is the daughter of the Blue Moon Pack. The Blood Red Pack is the most feared/worse pack in the United States. The Alpha of the pack, Justin, is very mean and ruthless. He torchers people for fun. Read this story to find out what happens!


4. At The Party

I walk into my house, and I was startled with everyone, and I mean EVERYONE yelling, surprise. As I'm looking around the room, my wolf instantly starts yelling 'MATE! MATE MATE!!' I try to look in as many eyes as I can, but I don't see my mates eyes. My brother, Dylan comes over to me and gives me a hug, and spins me around which makes me giggle. When Dylan is about to put my feet on the floor, you obviously hear an alphas roar boom in the house,"Get the FUCK off my mate." 

Instantly, everyone goes quiet because we all know who that alpha is and what pack they rule. I look over to my family, mostly towards my dad with my eyes being tearful. He comes over towards me and starts to hug me, so tight. The hug was the best hug from him, it felt comforting and warm. Then out of no-where, my nose was hit with this wonderful smell, it was a mixture of pine and forest. 

I was ripped away from my dad, making my brothers and dad turn to wolves, about to attack my mate. I will admit, it was nice to be in his arms, and the sparks went off between our body's. Alpha Justin held me VERY close to his body. Growling, he said, "No-one is allowed to touch my mate, touch her AND I WILL BREAK YOUR HANDS OFF." He screams, putting everyone in the loudest silence I have EVER heard of. 

Obviously, I started to cry because I'm scared of this alpha. The reason why I'm fearful of my mate is that he is the alpha of the Blood Red Pack. The Blood Red Pack is the most dangerous and most fearful pack of all of the united states. I think my mate felt my tears because he lifted my head up and look me dead straight in my eyes. "STOP your FUCKING CRYING."

Honestly, I started to just cry even more, and even harder because this man is scaring me. He sighs and says, "Babygirl I didn't mean to scare you, go with your family and pack up ALL of your shit, okay?" I just shake my head at him with my eyes focused on the floor. "Use your words, baby." "Okay, I'll go pack now." 


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