Glitch A novel

Washington, DC. The Year 2,500 AD.

In the future, The Internet has gone. In its replace are complex computer systems that control all of America. When a glitch happens, it plunges the country into an eternal darkness.


6. Washington, DC-2,500 AD-Part Six



The robotic machines marched down the Washington, DC, street. They were eager to fend off the controversy of "Non-Human Alliance", (or the NHA), who wanted them to be controlled by the letter of the law; they marched towards Grey Street, where all of the locals were holding up I-placards that read: ​ROBOTS HAVE RIGHTS TOO​; they stopped near the Federal Bureau of Investigation Building. Tanya Roberts-Avery, the Head of the NHA, spoke in a strong voice. "​For over a century, robots have had no powers. They did the humans work; they fixed kitchens; ovens; microwaves; and Blue-Ray machines....Basically, old twenty-first technology. By two thousand two hundred to two thousand four hundred, we've moved on; America has moved on. And, in this century, the Internet died in the year two thousand four hundred and sixty. Forty years' later, there's no progress for robots' rights. In the Ambrose Act of 2,475 AD, written by D. Dean Ambrose, Jr., he wrote about the drones and robots clashing in a fight. By two thousand four hundred and eighty AD, hackers have used old technology to use against American Governments to spread viruses that will shut down the country...and send us into a 'Blackout' situation. There's always a hidden agenda; there's always something which damages Washington, DC, California, and other states and counties; there's always something that causes angst towards the human populace, as we know it, to fear the robots...and the viruses...".


Molly shook her head.

"It can't happen here, Thomas".

"It has happened; it will happen", he told her.

"How can we prevent the virus from going across America?", Molly asked.

"We need to wear gas masks. We need to contain it. Otherwise, all hell will brake loose", Thomas answered her. She nodded. Nearby was a store called ​Bob Rafferty's Gas Masks​. With the faint glimpse of light that had descended upon the city, Molly opened the front door. Thomas followed her inside. When they saw several of the masks on the black walls, they stared at the price of them: $82 dollars​. They saw several people buying them. "Let's pay for them", Molly said. When both of them did so, Thomas opened the front door...and walked into the glowing rays of the bright city with Molly behind him.

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