Glitch A novel

Washington, DC. The Year 2,500 AD.

In the future, The Internet has gone. In its replace are complex computer systems that control all of America. When a glitch happens, it plunges the country into an eternal darkness.


1. Washington, DC-2,500 AD-Part One



The glitch happened on Friday, June 12, 2,500 AD.

Molly Daniel Thomas, a CIA Agent, glanced at the I-screen. It was black. She frowned. "Thomas, there's something wrong with the system". She drank her coffee. Thomas Norton Grove, another CIA Agent, shook his head. "Maybe it's a technological issue that affects all of the new computers after the Internet died in 2040". Molly shook her head; she didn't believe in fate. Glitches came and went every two decades. "So, what do we do?", she asked him. "Let's see Gloria Harris, she's in charge of the CIA", Thomas answered. They pressed in a code number to open the front door. When it opened, they walked towards another door. Written in bold letters were the words: ​CIA DIRECTOR GLORIA J. HARRIS​. Molly knocked twice. "​ENTER​". The door opened. Molly and Thomas noticed Gloria was shaking her head in dismay. "The glitch has knocked out all of the power in Washington, DC. We're on reserve energy. There's no back-up generators". Molly sat down on a black, leather, chair. "The light is sparse", she said. "It'll have to do until the power is back to normal", the CIA Director stated. Molly looked at the window. The lamps weren't working, as she saw six Government Agency cars were outside laying idle.


Mark F. Roberts, a native of Washington, DC, was jogging when the darkness of the glitch occurred at four o'clock in the early afternoon. He was at the end of his hour-long walk when he stared blindly at several seats. Two Government Agent cars were nearby. Mark, who worked for the DOD, knocked on one of the car's windows. Seconds later, a tall man spoke to him. "Alfred, what's going on?", he asked him. Alfred Klein, the Director of the DOD, shook his head. "We don't know, Mark. It seems the Internet has shattered into pieces, causing us to use old computers", he answered. "Really, so no one can use any apps, or social media?". Alfred smiled. "Yes. We're using drones to oversee the city of Washington, DC. The power grid is on a knife's edge". Mark, who wore a grey sweater, and black trousers, adjusted his black socks with his right hand. His new shoes hit the concrete. "Who ordered the glitch? Terrorists, a person who hates the Government...who". Alfred shook his head. "No. What we're up against is a technology failure of a massive scale that's never before seen in America. Our space program has been cut by half; our defence budget has been cut in half, too thanks to President Jane Robertson. We've been waiting for the glitch for a long time. The New York Stock Exchange is in a downward spiral. It'll be like the nineteen twenty-nine, and nineteen eighty-seven Wall Street crashes of the twentieth century, a long time ago", he shook his head. "So, in 2,500, we're all paying for the past's sins", Mark stated. "Yes. I have to go. I have a five o'clock PM meeting at DOD Building. I'll talk to you later, Mark. Good-bye!". 


Molly arrived at her apartment via the dim lights. She saw Elspeth Martinez, her Spanish housekeeper. "Good afternoon, Elspeth, how was your day?", she asked her. "Everything's bad news", she answered. She used her left hand on the machine that matched her ID. After it scanned it, there was a black colour. She went inside her apartment, and hoped that the power was turned on, leaving Elspeth to do the cleaning.


Thomas arrived at his apartment by five-thirty PM. 

He saw a group of people near the dark lamps.

"The glitch will be corrected by six months", Lyse Lang said.

"Really. How do you know?", Thomas asked her.

"I know that if there's a crisis we're all doomed", Lyse answered.

"We'll stop the glitch", Thomas stated.

He scanned the front door with his eyes, and pressed the code numbers with his right finger. Then, as the door opened, he walked inside his apartment.


Molly slept in the Light Chamber for the next two hours. 

By seven-thirty PM, she awoke in the gloom. She pressed the GOLD BUTTON with her left hand. Seconds later, she heard a whooshing sound. The door opened. Molly walked in the dark. She ignored the lack of sight; she was blind until she reached another door that led to the Chasm Room. Once she was there, she pressed another code number, until there was a beeping sound...and Molly arrived in the Study Room.


Mark ignored the feeling of impending dread that was etched on his face. He looked at the darkness. "What's the matter, Mark? Aren't you feeling well?", Jessica Shapiro asked. "It's the glitch matter", he told his partner. "The power will come back on...eventually", she said. "It could be days, months, or years when the grid's back to power", he told her. "Just go to sleep, honey", Jessica kissed him, and they rested for the rest of the night.




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