Glitch A novel

Washington, DC. The Year 2,500 AD.

In the future, The Internet has gone. In its replace are complex computer systems that control all of America. When a glitch happens, it plunges the country into an eternal darkness.


3. Washington, DC, 2,500 AD-Part Three



Molly read the ​Washington Times​ app news on her I-phone. 

One of the stories was: ​IS THE GLITCH VIRUS DEADLY FOR AMERICA?​ It was written by L. Harold Soames, III. "​Over the last thirty years, computers are a way of life. Sadly, they have a tendency to break down over a period of years; some become infected by a virus. Because of a glitch in the system, Americans will be prone to viruses. In short, these viruses are so bad that The President is worried. On May 11, 2, 086 AD, the last glitch caused over thirty billion dollars in lost revenue. That's why Democrat President Anderson lost the election. Over the last decade, Republican President Carson attempted formed the Cyber-Credit Department based in California; over the last four years, Democrat President Forbes won the election in a landslide on a platform that he would clean up all technology sectors across America in a new bill that was passed by the United States Congress last month 89-3....".


Martin Anderson Thyme, Jr., gazed at female FBI Agent. 

"I didn't do anything", he said.

"You hacked into the New York Stock Exchange; you shut it down for a whole day", FBI Agent Francine Taylor said.  He shook his head.

"It was easy, like David Lightman from 'War Games​', the 1983 teen thriller". He sipped his warm coffee. "We're not talking about Thermonuclear War; we're talking about a deadly computer glitch virus that will shatter the confidence in America", she told him.

"And you blame me​", Martin asked. 

"I want to hear the story...all of it", FBI Agent Taylor answered.

And Martin finished his coffee...and spoke for the next three hours non-stop.

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