Glitch A novel

Washington, DC. The Year 2,500 AD.

In the future, The Internet has gone. In its replace are complex computer systems that control all of America. When a glitch happens, it plunges the country into an eternal darkness.


4. Washington, DC, 2,500 AD-Part Four



"Are the drones ready, Major Harrison?", DOD Head James I. Sanders asked. 

"Yes, it'll cost over one hundred billion dollars", he told him.

"That much. I thought it was...".

"...It's in your budget, James. It flies in the air like a plane in the sky. It's mission is classified", the Major puffed on a cigarette.

"Then we can do business", DOD Head James I. Sanders smiled.

"Yes", the Major finished smoking. Then he focused on the contract for the drones that was in front of him. He signed for it with his black pen...and everything was finalised.


"The virus has to be contained...otherwise it'll ruin the country, Molly", Thomas sat on the black seat. The hot, 88 degree weather blew from the east. 

"It already has, Thomas. Someone ​infected America with the computer virus that hasn't got the Internet; someone ​is using old technology to attack Washington, DC. We've moved on in the World. There's drones, robots, apps, and so on. And we're suffering in the process. And this virus, which is called 552ab52-Stat5121, is in the First Stage of Infection; the Second Stage hasn't begun yet", Molly gripped her Black Folder in her right hand. "What do we do now?", Thomas asked.

"We continue seeking out the names of known cyber-criminals who are known to hack into the Government Agencies on Earth", Molly answered. 

"I know one of them. Jed Crain Zola", Thomas gave her Jed's file.

"Thank you, Thomas", Molly perused the file, as the temperature increased to ninety-one degrees.

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