Glitch A novel

Washington, DC. The Year 2,500 AD.

In the future, The Internet has gone. In its replace are complex computer systems that control all of America. When a glitch happens, it plunges the country into an eternal darkness.


5. Washington, DC, 2,500 AD-Part Five



The drone machine zoomed in the hot air. It looked at the Washington, DC, building as it was on patrol. It hit the outer shell; the shell was luminescent. Frank De' Angelo, the drone's controller, fed information into the controls; the drone landed on the soft, green grass outside the building. "​Perfect! Let's check the sensors​", he ordered Jake Rice, the Assistant Drone Controller. Jake spoke in an excited tone. "​The drones are virus-proof. We can find out whether we can find the person responsible for the cyber-attack​". Frank nodded. Then, after another hour, Frank and Jake finished their training...and they walked to the DOD building.



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