Glitch A novel

Washington, DC. The Year 2,500 AD.

In the future, The Internet has gone. In its replace are complex computer systems that control all of America. When a glitch happens, it plunges the country into an eternal darkness.


7. Epilogue


​The glitch erupted into a cataclysmic firestorm of power. 

​All of America was in total darkness. 

"I hate blackouts", Molly told Thomas.

​"We have to wait it out", he said.

​"It'll be days...maybe weeks...before the power comes back. As for the virus, it's an added nightmare that we haven't gotten rid of; it's something that will cause the next President to assess in the year 2, 504 AD", Molly said. Both of them reached the underground bunker...and closed the hard brown latch of the double door with their hands. Then they walked downstairs in the gloomy cellar, where the food and drink supplies were hidden away.


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