Fighting The Distance

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  • Published: 23 Mar 2018
  • Updated: 12 Apr 2018
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She was like a hurricane with the intent of destruction.
He was like stars raining down from the sky.
She was lost and was looking to be found.
He was a hero looking to find.
By chance they met.
And whatever their souls are made of....
His and hers are the same.
And together, they create an unbreakable bond.
Even distance can't break them.
Or can it?


43. Love You

Choosing the person,

That you want,

To share your life with,

Is one of,

The most important decisions,

Any of us makes,


Because when it’s wrong,

It turns your life to grey.

And sometimes....

Sometimes you don’t even notice,

Until you wake up one morning,

And realize years have gone by.

We both know about that one.

Your love,

Has brought,

Amazing technicolor,

To my life.

It’s been there,

Even in,

The darkest of times.

And I am,

The luckiest person alive,

For that gift.

I hope,

I didn’t take it,

For granted.

I think,

Maybe I did.

Because sometimes,

You don’t see,

That the best thing,

That’s ever happened,

To you,

Is sitting there,

Right under your nose.

But that’s fine, too.

It really is.


I’ve realized,

That no matter,

Where you are,

Or what you’re doing,

Or who you’re with.

I will always,




Love you.

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