Fighting The Distance

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  • Published: 23 Mar 2018
  • Updated: 12 Apr 2018
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She was like a hurricane with the intent of destruction.
He was like stars raining down from the sky.
She was lost and was looking to be found.
He was a hero looking to find.
By chance they met.
And whatever their souls are made of....
His and hers are the same.
And together, they create an unbreakable bond.
Even distance can't break them.
Or can it?


2. I Remember

I run it over and over and over and over and over and over in my head. 

We're a movie I can't quit watching.

A song I can't quit singing. 

A joke I can't quit laughing at.

A photo I can't quit smiling at. 


This amazing person

I never expected to find. 

I see it all in my mind. 

The moment I met you. 

The first time we danced. 

The moment I realized I liked you. 

That summer. 

The day I fell in love with you. 

The day you fell in love with me. 

The moment you asked me. 

The moment I said yes. 

The moment we first kissed. 

The day we held hands. 

The way you would hold me. 

The moment I said goodbye.....

The video chats. 

The phone calls. 

The promises. 

And every single thing in between. 


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